Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chrismas Toys

The reason for all of the economic troubles in the country is that dog toys are built too cheaply. As you can see from the pictures below, the lack of durable dog toys is the real reason for the economic collapse. Dog toys just do not hold up to use. The picture below shows Bella opening one of her Christmas gifts.

The picture below is only fifteen minutes later. As you can see, all of the toys are now shredded.

What this country needs is a good, strong, durable dog toy.

Snickers said this is the first time he has ever had a Christmas present, he played with his soccer ball until it developed several leaks.

The toys were fun, and the humans tried so they get an "A" for effort. Still, a stronger toy or two would be appreciated.

They left us alone later Christmas afternoon. They went to see Marley and Me, the movie about a normal dog. When the humans came home they gave us hugs and treats. They also complimented us on our good behaviour. We were shocked, most of the time we are being yelled at for doing something bad, but Marley set the standard a lot higher. Encourage your people to see the movie, they will come home and hug you a lot. We even got a round of treats, for doing nothing.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Wow, what a familiar sight. Our dad says that it is planned obsolesence so that the toys get destroyed quicly and then the humans have to buy new ones. He says that if you take the new toys and wrap them with industrial duct tape that they will last longer and they're easier to repair.
    - TBH

  2. Looks like you had a great time opening your presents. I too believe that toys just aren't what they used to be. I only get chew bones nowadays, mom doesn't like to clean up the mess. Not that I would make a mess mind you. hehe. Happy Holidays.

  3. I get that totally! My peeps mostly just play with me with MY favorite toy, my kong! It goes on land and in the water and everytime we go to the park and Mom throws it, all... I mean ALL the other dogs like it and it freaks me out! I know how to "open" up fuzzy squeeky toys too - it's fun for a minute and then I want the kong. I get it and thanks for publishing this fact! My peeps are going to see the movie this weekend! Licks,

  4. I loved the movie Marley and Me. It did make me realize how good my dog is :)

  5. You really ARE some beautiful doggies, I gotta say! My first was a golden mix, and she was prob'ly THE smartest dog I've ever had. Pretty AND smart...great combo.