Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Morning Snickers

World, this is Snickers. Snickers, say hello to the world. Snickers will be staying with us as a foster for the holidays while he looks for his forever home.

Snickers arrived last evening after HE finished his visit to the groomer. He was pretty dirty, it sure felt good to be clean and warm. The human picked Snickers up, literally. Snickers was not used to riding in cars, they were bad things, cars took you to the vets or to the rescue to be dumped. Snickers did not want to go for another ride. The human finally picked him up for the ride to our home.

When they arrived we went out to get acquainted on the front driveway. Snickers promptly pulled out of her collar and headed into the big park behind the house. It was very cold, very dark and the human went frantic. he was sure Snickers was gone. But Snickers was staying close, just out of reach, sniffing and tracking, then taking off when the human got too close. The female human came out, called to Snickers and Snickers came running. Now we know, Snickers is a ladies man.

Snickers is warm and safe inside now. We have much more to tell about his old life and his new one to come. Right now we have errands to run, dog food to buy, shopping to do. Read later this evening for a great story about Snickers.

The kennels are crowded, the rescue is swamped with dogs. Please make a donation to your rescue for Christmas. Put a card under the tree that says "We made a donation to our local rescue in your name for Christmas". You can donate on line by clicking

Call your local rescue and volunteer to be a foster home. We have many wonderful dogs that need temporary homes for the Holidays. You don't need to make a long term commitment, just provide a warm place and lots of love for a week or two for a homeless dog. The need is real, the weather is cold, the time is now. And, yes, if you do fall in love with a foster, you can refuse to let them go (we call it a foster failure). If the foster does not fit your life style, does not get along, you can trade with another foster family. It is no risk, all fun. Be a foster to a homeless dog!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Snickers is really handsome! We've had the same backing out of collar escape, same frantic searching. One time my mom had to lie down on a wet sidewalk in the rain, practically playing DEAD and then the dog came over to her. We just sent 3 fosters dogs on their way to new homes for Christmas.Yes, all rescues here are overcrowded, too, unfortunately. Have a good Christmas with Snickers!

    love & wags,

  2. I just checked the GRR website to see is Ava has found a forever home. I went to visit Ava Sat but found out from Mary that Ava isn't too interested in playing with other dogs. I have a dog and although she is a tripod from cancer, she loves to play so Ava wasn't a match for us. The GOOD NEWS..we left with another beautiful female who had just been surrendered. She spent all of 15 minutes at her foster home before she came home with us to her forever family. She is a wonderful dog and so appreciative to be sleeping inside instead of in a garage. Thanks for all the good work you do on behalf of goldens.

  3. Hey Mogley,
    We hope that you and Bella are doing well and please give Snickers a big lick from all of us here in Virginia. It's great that he will have a warm place to spend Christmas.
    - TBH