Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Christmas

We are suffering a post Christmas let-down. All of our toys have been shredded. The white fluffy stuffing has been thrown away. Our squeaky balls have all lost their squeak. We only have old used toy carcases to play with and balls that don't squeak or bounce. Snickers is a shredding machine, once he gets a toy, it is all over.

We had some very bad news yesterday. Our cousin, Piper, had to make a late night run to the emergency room. Someone left the closet door open and Piper, Emma and Molly all got into the big bag of dog food. Molly and Emma just ate enough to make them throw up, then they stopped. Piper has Addison's, which gives her a raging appetite. She ate, ate, ate, then ate some more. When the humans came home they found Piper lying on the floor unable to move, her stomach swelled up like a watermelon. Piper had to spend the night in the emergency ward. She is still not feeling up to par, but she did survive. Once again this should be a warning, do not leave your food unsecured.
The resident human finally gave up and took us to the big 12 mile dog park this morning. A tip to our friends, if you wrestle enough, make enough noise in the house, they will eventually take you out to run. We went with a new friend, Ozzie, a wheaten terrier. Ozzie did not get to go off leash, it was his first time at the park, he had just been adopted and he had only been out of the shelter for 4 days. His human did not know what he would do. Snickers had to walk on a leash for a while also, but then when we were far away from the parking lot Snickers was allowed to drag his leash. After he proved that he would come when called, they took his leash off. Boy did we have fun. I ran and ran, Snickers ran with me, we ran with each other, we ran with every dog that came by. The human is very happy with the way Snickers responded when called. Snickers, you earned us all another trip to the dog park. Below is Snickers without his leash, below are some of the friends we were able to run with. A nice lady from Safe Harbour Lab Rescue was there with several of her foster friends. It sure is fun to run in the big park.

After the dog park, we stopped by the pet store. Snickers went in to get weighed. He weighs 69 pounds. He looks heavier because of his heavy winter coat. His long months of living outdoors was not fun, but it sure made his coat pretty.

We are wondering why Snickers has not been adopted yet. He is so nice that he should be taken in a hurry. Snickers thinks it is because people don't want a dog that sounds like a candy bar, he wants to change his name to "Spike" or "Buster", then people will think he is a tough, vicious, watch dog. No one wants a well trained, cuddly lovable friend, they want tough watch dogs.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. That doggie park is Pawesome. The park near where I live is not that big and the last time I was there I got attacked by a Great Dane, so I have not been back ;( Wow what a great time.

  2. Hey there -- we think Snickers will get a home soon. We think the holidays have just kept humans preoccupied with other stuff and after the first of the year, the adopters will be out in full force again! Snickers's list in the previous post just shows what a perfect dog he is -- it will happen soon!

    We do the same thing with our toys (shred them and tear them apart and remove squeakers, etc.). Mom hesitates to give us toys anymore, but always gives in in the end!

    We wish little Piper a speedy recovery; I'm sure that was a terrifying experience for her and Jennifer and Brian (and probably an expensive one too). We are glad she survived and send her hugs and tail wags.

    Riley and River

  3. So sorry to hear about poor little Piper. I know her parents were so scared. Hope she continues to improve. Glad everyone had so much fun at the park.

  4. Hey I have something for you, stop by.