Monday, December 8, 2008

Roaree, Continued

Roaree has now been with us for a little longer, we are learning more about her. She is every bit as sweet, nice, well behaved as she appeared when she first arrived. She is settling in well as a foster dog. Her search for a forever home is going well.

I have even been very nice to her. I normally sleep beside the bed, right where a hand may fall off the bed in the middle of the night and pet my head. I allowed Roaree to sleep there and I did not even discipline her. I have allowed her to play with my toys and even to fetch the ball when I could have grabbed it away. She does have a bad habit of grabbing all of our toys, taking them into her corner, then protecting them. Even worse, she just lies there, squeaking our own squeaky toys at us, daring us to try and take them back. She is mean. Taunting us with our own toys.

I do want to complain about the humans nominating Roaree for the annual "Worlds Best Dog" award. I thought I had a lock on it, and I was getting a place ready in my personal trophy cabinet for the large cup. Besides, the humans admit she is not perfect, they said she was too short for her weight, she weighs 70 pounds. She also snores when sleeping.

We have several people that have expressed an interest in adopting Roaree. They all seem to agree on one thing, she may get a new name in the process. Her old name came from the names of her mother and father on her pedigree. But it is a hard name to pronounce.

Roaree says it will be OK to have a new name, but there has to be a payment of a large box of treats, six tennis balls, eight stuffed squeaky toys, and maybe an extra large, overstuffed dog bed. It would help if the new name were similar so that she will not have a hard time remembering it.

Roaree still checks the front door regularly to see if someone is waiting to take her home. She has started playing with us and running with us in the yard. Things are getting better in her life now, she has found a comfortable place to lie at the feet of the humans. She gets lots of attention and petting to help her get over her loss. She hopes to move before she gets too attached, she does not want to go through the heart break more than is necessary.

For Roaree, by Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley, you are the best!! I know this is not the first time you have allowed a foster to sleep by the bed or sit by the human's chair at night. Being a Golden myself I know how unselfish it is of you to give up those wonderful hands that touch us. I'd send you a pet if only I had hands!!

  2. What a wonderful blog! Just joined DwB and found you (I am really new here)and discovered the great work your peep is doing! I might be very jealous. My peeps rescued me about 1 1/2 years ago and I'm so happy I could sing and sometimes I do. There's a CAT here, but over time, we tolerate each other better. You seem really mature about other dogs staying at your place. A buncha WOOFS to you for that! Here, we have NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue. That's how I found my folks - thank goodness for NCGRR!

  3. Mogley,
    You're a softee....good for you. Roaree has seperation anxiety, you can probably think back and remember what that's like. Each of us Bumpass Hounds was once the new guy and one of the othet preceeding hounds had to give up a little to make room for us. In our house alltoys are Jubal's and the rest of us have to steal them to play with them. Homer charges to the front of the pat line. It's all worth it if you're loved and respected.
    - TBH