Friday, December 26, 2008

Snickers Needs a Forever Home

Snickers said that it is time to begin looking for a forever home. He enjoyed Christmas with us, but it is time to get serious about finding his forever home. After discussions with the resident humans, here is what we want for Snickers and what Snickers offers to a new home:

  • Snickers has enjoyed living with children, other dogs, children or cats are all fine with him. Being an only dog would also be fine, that way he does not have to share attention.
  • Snickers lived outdoors which makes him reluctant to go outside, he is afraid he will not be allowed back in the house. So he runs out to go potty, but he runs back in as soon as he can. He asks to go out very politely. But he does not like going out more than necessary unless someone is with him. Playing outside with you is wonderful, but being locked outside alone is no fun.
  • He was not allowed to sleep with people before, so now that he has found out about sleeping beside the bed, he wants to continue. He will be very anxious if you try to make him sleep alone.
  • He did not like to ride in the car until we all went to the pet store and to the dog park, now car rides are one of his favorite things.
  • He likes walks on his leash, he will be a gentleman on the leash. Because he likes to go outside with company, he would love a home where he gets regular walks.
  • He likes to sleep on a soft dog bed, he likes toys and balls. Something good to chew on will keep him from chewing inappropriately.
  • Most of all he likes people. After years outside, alone, he just wants to be with people. If you need your feet warmed, he will be there. If you like to pet a dog while you watch your favorite TV show, he will be there for you. If you need someone to keep you company on those lonely nights, Snickers is the one for you.
  • If you need someone to protect you when the door bell rings, then you need Snickers. He will stay with you night and day to protect you from anything that may come your way.
  • Snickers promises to stay nearby all day long. If you need some dog comfort, if you need a warm head to scratch, if you need a chin to rub, he will be available 24/7.
  • Treats are fine, but petting and praise goes a lot further with Snickers. If you want to train him, gentle praise and head pets will do the trick. Add an ear rub or a chest rub and you have his complete attention.
  • Snickers is only 4 years old, he has a lot of energy. Jogging, hiking, or just chasing balls in the park, he is ready to be your companion and your friend.
  • Snickers promises not to chew on toys that are not his, he will keep off the furniture, he promises that he has already learned to be a honoured house guest and a lifelong friend. There will be no surprises with Snickers, he is a Golden and a Gentlemen.

If you know someone that is ready to add some quiet love to their life, then here is the answer. Go to and fill out an application to adopt snickers. He will be an ideal companion to bring in the New Year with.

Mogely G. Retriever

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