Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Forever Home:

Photo above: Molly shows why she needs a forever home with some toys of her own, she is underprivileged in her foster home. She has to play with Mogley's old worn out toys.

It is time for Molly to begin planning the type of forever home she wants. Molly and I have the following guidelines for Molly's new forever home.
  • Molly promises to love, honor and obey her new parents.
  • She promises to bring them tennis balls.
  • She will promise to destroy any defective tennis balls she finds, its her hobby.
  • She promises not to chase the cats, if there are any in the house.
  • She promises to greet you at the door whenever you come in, no matter how long you have been gone.
  • She promises to forgive you when you go places without her, although it would have been better if you take her along.
  • She promises not to chew up anything in the house when left alone.
  • She promises not to make a mess in the house, although this promise is easier to keep if she has a dog door.
  • She promises to greet your guests at the door, to make them feel welcome and to tell them they are honoured visitors.
  • Molly promises not to gulp her food, she will eat slowly and carefully, like a lady should.
  • Molly promises not to pull on her leash and to walk gently with her owners.
  • Molly promises not to bark unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Molly promises to give unconditional love.
  • Molly will make your house become a home and make your life become a joy.
In return Molly only requests a few things from her new home:
  • A home that understands that love comes gently on four paws.
  • A loving house with hands that can reach over and pet a lady all evening long. TV is such a nice time to pet dogs, don't you think?
  • A nice soft dog bed beside your bed, a place that she can comfortably lie while protecting you at night.
  • A person who understands a lady's need to get out once in a while. A ride in the car should not be too much to ask. Even if it is just to the store and back.
  • Someone that will take the time to walk or run with a young energetic dog, help keep the tension from building after a long day waiting for you to return.
  • A good quality dog food, if you can buy it in the supermarket, it probably is not the nutrition she needs.
  • Tennis balls, lots of tennis balls.
  • Fluffy toys to play with and carry around. A squeaky toy or two would be nice as well.
  • A dog door would be nice, it gives her a degree of Independence.
  • No tie out chains, chain link runs or kennels. Been there, done that!
  • If there is a tree in the backyard with a squirrel, that would be a plus.

Thank you for reading, if you think you can be Molly's forever home, go to and read about her and all the other wonderful Golden's seeking homes for the Holidays.

For Molly by: Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Molly, some person is going to be very very lucky indeed when they find you! You are a gem. :)

    Tail wags and kisses,
    Riley and River

  2. Hey Mogley and Molly,
    We voted on the lists and find them very reasonable and relatively easy to accomodate. Living with youse guys is like basic training for Molly and she seem to be doing great.
    - TBH