Thursday, December 18, 2008

A dog with no name

Today we welcomed "No Name" to our home as our new foster brother. He will stay with us while we seek a forever home for him. No Name was found running free in Rocky Ford, Colorado. If you are running free in Rocky Ford, Colorado, you have a lot of room to run. Rocky Ford is on the open plains, it is one of the towns that comedians joke about where the entering town sign and the leaving town sign are both on the same post. The future of "No Name" in the local doggy jail was pretty bleak, so Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies arranged transportation for him to our foster home.

Most of our foster brothers and sisters come with some history or background. No Name came with nothing. No bed, no food bowls, no tags, no microchip, no collar, no name, no history, nothing. He is a little over one year old, a beautiful red coat. The humans say that if you look up the definition of "Cute", there is a picture of No Name.
He is full of energy and he will be fun to play with. I still have to teach him which toys are mine and which ones he can play with. I will let him play with the toys I have already pulled the stuffing out of it.
When he came in the house, the humans took him straight to the shower. he smelled like he had been running free for a long time. The humans left the windows open in the car so it would air out. He surprised everyone by standing still for his shampoo. He stood still to be dried and then to be combed. It is not the first time he has been to a groomer.

We found an old collar for him, and an old name tag so he would have some identification if he ran off. Then it was play time. No Name and I went outside where he ran and ran and ran in big circles. After over 30 days in kennels when he was picked up, then in a crate while he was transported, then overnight in the vets office, he was in need of space and a chance to work off energy. Below, he and I play tug-o-war with a rubber duck.
No Name sits well, he walks on a leash, so someone has loved him. He must have a name, the humans tried calling him by different names to see if they could find out who he was. It went something like this:

"Henry, come here Henry". To which No Name would come running and wag, wag, wag.

"Bill, Come Bill". To which No Name would come running and wag, wag, wag.

"Rex, come here Rex". To which No Name would come running and wag, wag, wag.

No Name comes running and wagging no matter what you call him. So now we have to find a way to name him and start teaching him his name.

Keep reading, follow the story of "No Name". Help us find him a new home and a new identity for Christmas.
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Ohh, No Name is SOOOO cute ... he'll get a home in no time! Our River came to us the same way, no history, no name, no collar, no microchip ... just out of nowhere one day, he appeared to a hiker in the mountains. Now he has a name and a forever home. I think No Name will find the same in no time at all! How about "Rocky" for a name, since he was found in Rocky Ford! Welcome, little fella, to GRRR!!! You are lucky to be at Mogley's and Bella's house!

    Best wishes for finding a new, loving home quickly!

    Riley and River

  2. How great that No Name has a warm safe temporary home. My favorite name for a dog of the woods....Timber(if a boy).....because if yell "Timber" you automatically look up, but I would be looking for down for my pup. I will keep in touch to see if No Name finds a good home.

  3. Oh....and No Name is wonderful looking, such a strong, intelligent face. so sincere.

  4. Hey Mogley,
    That's a fine looking red ya got there and how fortunate that he has a caring home to share for Christmas. The original BH was a red named Rusty. then came another red named Penny. The original plan was for 2 males to be named Rusty and Copper and then the female named Penny. Then there would be Rusty Copper Penny. Mom and Dad never got a Copper because they started rescue and the first one had a name, Bear. Our other red was Chance who went to The Bridge last year. Clint Eastwood started off as the man with no name so you could name him Clint Eastwood. Red names are easy: Red, Blaze, Rusty, Penny, Copper, Ryder, Rojo, Reddi, or even Boru like our cat. Boru is evidently Gaelic for "red." Well, an yway, good on y'all for taking him in. Yo can just call him "Lucky" for the time being.
    - TBH

  5. Hey Mogley, Dad and Mom,
    Brian and I think you should name him "Nick" since it is Christmas time and "Santa" would sound silly the rest of the year. Since Piper, Emma and Molly always agree with Brian, you can count your cousins' votes as well. Please let us know what Mogley and Bella want from us for Christmas - I haven't found a bone tree yet.