Saturday, December 6, 2008

The tale of two dogs

Molly left us early this morning, on her way to a wonderful rest of her life. Before darkness fell, we were on our way to meet the Golden Retriever Rescue Transport Team. Thanks so much Marti. Marti was heading North with a truck full of dogs. We met them along the interstate to pick up Roaree.

Being a foster brother is a wonderful thing, we meet so many wonderful dogs. When a dog comes to us from bad conditions, like Molly did, she will be fearful and timid, not comfortable with other dogs or with humans, a life in a chain link kennel is a lonely life. It is such a joy to help someone like Molly, you know that you are going to show her a path to a much better life.

Roaree will bring tears. She is a 7 year old surrender who came to us under heart breaking conditions. She was not caged, chained or abandoned. she was not abused or ignored. She was surrendered because her owners had to move into a smaller place, without room for their much loved and very pampered Golden Lady. (below, Roaree)
Molly came to us with only a dirty collar to her name, smelling very badly, in need of a bath and some very basic grooming. Molly needed a visit to the vet to see what else was going on in her life and body. From an 8 foot square pen, to a warm home, rescuing and fostering Molly was a joyous occasion.

Roaree came with a huge box of dog food, boxes of snacks, toys, special food bowls, two leashes, and two sets of brushes. She came with her papers, her history in black and while. Her coat shines, she is clean and well groomed. Her coat is a very dark red. She was a very loved and pampered member of the family. Now she is homeless. Now she is lonely. Now she is seeking to start a new life at an age that most Golden's are enjoying the stability of a quiet life with their family of many years. There were tears when it came time to leave, tears for losing an old friend. The promise of spending your golden years with your lifetime family is now gone. A broken promise, a broken heart.

When Molly came to us to foster, she was excited. She wagged her tail from her shoulders back for any attention she could get. The lonely, cold, muddy dog run was history, she craved attention in every way. She appreciated every pat on the head, every brush stroke to her coat. Just being in a home was a joy to Molly. Roaree came in quietly, she was shy, but from separation anxiety. She missed her family. She was introduced to us then she received a tour of the house. She went back to the front door, she sat patiently waiting. She wanted to go home. She wanted to see her family again. She wanted her old life again.

She will be very sad for a few days, she will never understand why she is here. She did not climb on the furniture, she did not chase the cat. She always brought back the tennis ball, she never pulled on the leash, she did not forget and mess in the house, she always slept at the feet of those she loved. She is very active, she runs and plays like a much younger lady. So why was she here? She is confused and lonely. Why don't they love her anymore?

She returns to the door, she waits patiently for her family to come get her. She comes in to get a reassuring pet, then she returns to the door, she says her family will come get her soon.

She will make it, there are people that care and will help her in her time of trial. She will make it, she is a Golden Retriever, she is a Golden lady.

Go to, click on the link to visit available dogs. Fill out the form to adopt a Golden. Put Roaree down as the Golden you want to take home. Help a very beautiful and wonderful Golden Retriever find a home and learn to love again, this time, forever!

Mogley G. Retriever
ps. You can also donate on line to help us rescue these wonderful Goldens.


  1. That is such a sad story about Roaree. We have a little foster--her owners had to give her up because the father lost his job. It's happening so much. I'm glad that Molly has a family and that Roaree is safe.

    love & wags,

  2. Mogley, please tell Roaree that she is loved and will find new parents to love her as much as she deserves. I know her heart is breaking, because I went through the same thing many years ago. I have adoptive humans that love me and tell me that I am the center of their world. I still remember my first family, but I know that I have a very loving family now and so will Roaree, again.

  3. Dear Mogley,
    Please love extra on Roaree for us and keep helping her understand she is a perfect Golden! Her family will never forget her and how it broke their hearts to say goodbye.

    Please share with Roaree that I was very sad and confused when my first family had to give me up nearly 6 years ago. Wonderful rescuers found a loving forever home for me and I found my smile again!

    Like you wrote, Mogley, Roaree will make it too. Thanks to you and Bella, your humans and GRRR. : )

    Gentle woofs,

  4. Hi Mogley,

    Its a good thing Roaree is with you now. Im sure it will take her a little longer than you might like, but eventually she will come around and realize that she is still loved. Its very sad what happened to her and your story about her going back to the front door brought tears to my eyes.

    I know you will take special care of her and make her feel welcome and at home. You are such a good foster brother Mogley. Love to you and all the Goldens there!

    Benson and Gibson
    (and Jaime)

  5. Hey Mogley,
    Roaree's situation is like our Sophie's situation. Dad says that Sophies forever mom is very, very sick and will probably be going to The Bridge. She has been sick for a long time and now is living in a hospital across town from sophie's house. Sophie's dad has to go to the hospital early and then go to work and then he goes to the hospital and disn't go home until real late. There was no one else to play with Sophie or spend any time with her. Her dad made the difficult decision to "surrender" her and i dad was going to do her transfer transport to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever rescue and Sanctuary. But our mom and dad talked it over and decided it would be better to offer Sophie's dad the option of having her live with us until their home situation is settled and then he can decide whether or not Sophie will live with him or stay with us, but she isn't going to the shelter. As sad as Roaree and Sophie's situation is, at least the were loved and not neglected or abused so we don't think that's a bad as Molly's situation. Hopefully, with your help and your peeps working hard, things will work out for Roaree too. It's a never ending battle for tryth, justice and the American way.
    - TBH