Monday, December 22, 2008

Snickers the Wonder dog

Snickers, our 4 year old foster friend, told us his story today. He had a very cold life the last few weeks. His human made him sleep outside except for the very coldest nights. On the nights when the temperature dropped below zero, he would be allowed to sleep inside, locked in the bathroom. He came into the rescue with a very thick and heavy coat but it was caked with mud. He went straight to the groomer, then he came to us. He said he was locked out of the house most of the time, only being allowed in for an hour or two a day. His human was a single mom with two children, there was no time to take care of a loving lonely dog.

Snickers is overweight because instead of attention, he only got food. People would come out to see him, but instead of love and attention, he got water in his water bowl. Instead of a ball thrown or an ear scratched, he just got food. Instead of a warm home, he had a cold yard with no shelter.

His first night here he had more attention than he had in years. Both humans made over him a lot. Bella and I get tummy rubs every night after dinner. Last night we had to share with Snickers. Bella always lays on the big pillow beside the rocking chair, Snickers took it over the whole evening. The human was amazed, Bella and I did not even complain. He kept waiting for the growling as he was petting Snickers. Bella and I let him have all the attention, it was his night. Snickers slept soundly all night, at the foot of the bed.

We did warn him today when he was getting brushed with my brush. That brought the brushing to a halt while the humans talked it over with Bella and I. We compromised, Bella and I got treats, Snickers got brushed with my brush.

Snickers is so good looking that one of our neighbors came by today to borrow Snickers to take on his morning walk. Snickers walked very well, it was good to get him out in the public. We all three played in the back yard for a while. Snickers is learning the dog door. He comes in like a champ, he has not gotten the hang of going out yet, but that will come.

Help us find Snickers a new home. He said he does not mind what kind of home he has, just as long as he sleeps inside. He would like a soft dog bed. He does not ask much in the way of toys or balls. He is not into playing with toys, he is into giving love and being loved. All he wants for Christmas is a human family that will give him attention and a warm house. He promises to be the best and most lovable companion you have ever had. He will be available to give you attention 24 hours a day.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. OK, I can understand not having time for a pet, (AND YOU GOT YOUR PET IN THE FIRST PLACE WHY?)but to banish a dog to the lonely, cold/hot outdoors without any love. I don't get it. I am so sorry for Snickers, but at least grateful he was surrendered so that he can receive what he needs and deserves. Poor Snicker's experience sounds like Summer. How many more are in the same or worse situation. It boggles one's mind. Thank you Mogley and Bella for sharing.

  2. P.S. Snickers, you are so beautiful with love still in your eyes despite everything you've been through in your life. Amazing!!

  3. I really commend you for what you do for those dogs. If I ever have my own place to call home, with a big yard, I want to help out rescue goldens. Thank you for all that you do. Happy Holidays.

  4. Hi Snickers! You sure are a beautiful boy! We are glad you are warm and safe now, with Bella and Mogley and their wonderful humans! :) It is good that at least your previous family realized they could not give you what you need and want. Now you will find that perfect forever home! We know Mary is looking for foster homes for the holidays for all you precious babies -- we told her we would take in a dog if he/she promised not to chase the cats, but so far we haven't heard anything. Have fun in the snow today!

    Tail wags and slobbery kisses,
    River and Riley

  5. What a dear sweet boy. Thank God he is in your family's hands now Mogley. Now he will be properly taken care of and loved!

  6. What a dear sweet boy Snickers is. Thank God he is in the hands of your family now Mogley. now he will know what true love and kindness is.

  7. Hey Mogley and Bella,
    You guys are sooooo tough. Like you wouldn't have allowed snickers all the attention even if you hadn't been bribed with treats.... talk about playing the humans. We're glad that Snickers is working off some of his backlog of overdue attention and care. Ain't it amazing what a little tummy rub or scratch behind the ear can do for your self esteem...gee, someone catually cares about me. There are 1 of us and yet we all seem to get a little personal attention at sometime of the day. Our mom says that she if full of love for all of us; she also says the she lives in a cartoon. Merry Christmas to yous all.
    - TBH