Friday, December 12, 2008

Update on Forever Homes

We have heard back on Molly's and Roaree's new home. Roaree says she is very happy. It is a nice home and her foster sister is nice to her. Roaree thinks it will be a wonderful place to spend her Golden years. Because of the rush to get everything done, Roaree has not gotten her new dog tags yet, so on Saturday she will go to the rescue office to get them and she will also get to meet some of the other Golden's at the rescue.

Molly's new parents say she is doing just fine. They think she is the best dog ever. Molly says she is very happy with the humans she is living with. There are several other Golden Retrievers in neighboring homes. She says it is a Golden neighborhood. She looks forward to attending lots of Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion events.

Christmas is coming and our human has given his Christmas wish list to the family. Since the house is full of stuff, to bring any more "stuff" into the house he has to take some "stuff" out. For Christmas he asked all of his friends and relatives to give donations to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, or to a rescue near their home. If you can't give a dog a home, you can help an abandoned pet find a new home by helping a rescue. Christmas gifts will help a homeless dog or cat find a new home. That is the best Christmas present anyone can give. You don't even have to wrap it! Most web sites accept donations on line.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Dear Mogley,
    Your humans are so right -- no "stuff" for the holidays. Mine say the very same thing.
    Please please donate what you can --time or money or supplies-- to help a rescue.
    Loving dogs and cats* are waiting and wishing for their forever homes.
    Thank you!

    BTW the humans typed cats here, not me

  2. Gee Mogley,
    Your dad wants the same thing that our dad wants. Small world, buddy.
    - TBH