Saturday, April 11, 2009

Someone Cared! Sassy's Story.

Above, Bella is sulking because Sassy stole her cushion.

Sassy is home, at her new forever home. Sassy has a Forever Family. We all went with her to help her move into her new home. She is going to enjoy her home. They bought her two new dog beds, they bought her new dog dishes and several toys, she is going to be spoiled badly. She is really looking forward to it. All this happened because someone volunteered to help.
Someone cared!

Before she left she went out to have one last try at catching a Koi in the pond.

Sassy has a new home because someone cared!

Sassy has a new forever home because of a lot of effort by a lot of people. Sassy's old family called and they wanted to surrender Sassy and her step sister, Marlo. Someone answered the phone and set up a meeting. Someone met the family and transported the dogs to the rescue. Someone processed the paperwork to track them and check them into the system. Someone took them to the vet to be given a physical and to be brought current on their shots. Someone gave them both a bath, they were terribly dirty and had matted coats, they had been badly neglected. Someone called foster family's to find a home for these two lady's so they would not have to stay in some lonely kennel. Someone picked them up and brought them across town to their foster homes. Someone took pictures, wrote a profile and posted their profile on the Internet. Someone took in applications from families seeking to adopt them. Someone matched the applicants to the dog, looking for the best fit. Someone inspected the applicants home and determined that it would be an acceptable home. Someone arranged a meeting to see if there was a match. Someone processed the adoption papers. Someone welcomed a new friend into their life and offered a homeless dog a forever home.

Someone cared.

Being a foster parent is very rewarding. Somewhere near you a wonderful dog is spending the night in a chain link run with a concrete floor, counting down the days to when his stay at the pound is ended, forever. Help your local rescue to rescue needy dogs, transport them, provide them with foster homes and help them find a forever home. A rescue near you needs someone to answer telephones, someone to file papers, someone to pick up dogs at shelters and transport them to foster homes. You can make a difference in a dogs life. A dog that was once a loved member of a family is now facing his end behind chain link, lonely and forgotten. You can make a difference.
Be Someone. Volunteer at a rescue near you.
We have had about 30 fosters at our home since we started being foster parents for the rescue. GRRR is at about 400 dogs per year. Think of how many "someone's" have had to help with each of these dogs. Thanks to all of you for making this possible.
You are Someone!
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Happy Easter Sassy. Mogley - that is a wonderful and educational post that tells all about the stories of doggies like me - I know my peeps feel lucky they got me, but I am so happy with my life here. I wish for all doggies who are chained up, abused or otherwise unhappy in their situations to find forever homes. Your story today touched deeply. Thank you for telling us about the process and about the people who care.
    With tons of hugs and love,
    xo Sammie

  2. Heya Mogley,
    That's a top notch post, right on bro. We are someone but we need lots more someones. We couldn't have said it have as well as y'all did. We're sharing in the happiness of Sassy finding her new forever home. The Easter Chicken (that's another story) really brought her the big egg this year. We award you and Bella a silver star to indicate that you are now receiving yet another prestigous Bumpass Hound "Bravo-Zulu." Once again, ya done good guys. Enjoy the feeling cuz we know another homeless Golden will soon need a foster home while she or he seeks their new loving and caring forever home. You have given us a blessed and happy Easter.
    - TBH

  3. That was so beautiful it made my mom cry. It's the reason she is in rescue because you work with so many someones who really care, who really reach deep inside and give something outside of themselves to someone else. In the end, it benefits everyone--people and animals.

    We are so, so happy to hear about Sassy!

    love & wags,

  4. Seconding the crying. I have my first foster cat and he just seems so much happier and friendly now that he has a person to sleep with and an apartment to explore instead of a cage at my shelter. Good luck to Sassy in her new home and for you and your next fosters!

  5. We are so happy for you and for Sassy. We know you are celebrating just as much as she and her new family are.

    And how true that it takes so many to help.

  6. I tried to be a foster home for pups, but unfortunately b/c I live in an apartment I am not a good foster home. =( one day when I have a home I will do what I can to help out some great pups that deserve a chance. I envy you, and am very grateful to know someone like you. =)

  7. This is a beautiful message Mogley. We are so happy that there are families like yours and people like those at GRRR out there to help needy and abandoned dogs like Sassy.

    One day when I have my very own house I will gladly open the doors to be a foster mom. :)