Monday, April 6, 2009

Sassy's Turn to Blog.

Sassy here. Mogley is helping me type and thank Dog for spell check. We have received so many comments on my last post (you need to read them) about dogs talking. I am not the only vocal dog in the world. The growls, groans and grunts do not mean we are vicious and about to attack.

The growls, groans and grunts are combined with tail wags and butt wiggles to tell you a story like "welcome stranger". So we are looking for a home where two way human/dog communication is appreciated. We may look for a home where there is no timid dog, growls and grunts can be intimidating to many dogs.

Thanks for the support from all of you. I will find my perfect Forever Home, in the meantime I can chase squirrels and play with my toys here with Bella and Mogley.

Sassy G. Retriever


  1. That's the spirit, Sassy. There is a noisy home for you too. After all, we 3 have one.

    Merci: I was quiet until Buddy came.

    Sam: And I was very shy and quiet until I adopted them. At first I was nervous. Why were they growling when I tried to play with them? But now, we all have fun together while Jan wears earplugs.

  2. I know you will find just the right forever home for you. I do not think they were right for you any how. You should be the one choosing. =) Until then keep chasing those squirrels.

  3. Good for you Sassy. I agree with Mason Dixon. They obviously were not the right fit for you. There are plenty of folks out there that can "read" your growls and grunts with your obvious happy body language. Some people just don't appreciate our unique personalities. But the many that do make wonderful parents and allow us to express ourselves in that special golden way. How wonderful that you have good humans to insure you have the best forever home.
    Have fun with Mogley and Bella!!!

  4. Heya Sassy,
    Now that's the attitude. You don't want to go anywhere that isn't comfortable for the entire family. Listening to our mom and dad talk about their first rescue dog, Bear, we learned that he was a talker and seldom ever barked. Old Bear Dog growled and grunted all the while wagging his tail. Even today, Homer J. hardly ever barks, he doesn't growl or grunt either though; he moans like he has a tummy ache but his tail wags and he smiles. Usually he is just real quiet. So Sassy, hang tough and things will work out, after all, you've got the A-Team representing your interests.
    - TBH

  5. It's great you have a wonderful home to wait in. We beagles talk ALL the time. You would like it here, too!

    love & wags,

  6. Hi Mogley & Sassy, our names are Hamish and my Rescue sister Sophie.
    Sassy it's OK that you don't bark alot (me) Hamish grunts all the time.
    Mom & Dad think it's cool and they often grunt back.
    You will find someone that will not only talk your language, but will love you to pieces, you are staying at a great place and I am sure Mogley is teaching you all kinds of new tricks.