Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sassy Comes Home

This evening we drove over to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) and picked up Sassy to bring her home. Her adoption did not work out, they chose to adopt another golden lady instead.

Part of the reason is that the humans that wrote part of the blog did not mention one key item about Sassy. Sassy does not bark much, she growls instead. She talks to everyone. She is not being mean or trying to start a fight, it is just her way of communicating, she has not learned to type like I have. When Sassy greets someone at the door she says Grrrr, she growls and she grunts, meanwhile her tail is going like an airplane propeller. She is talking to the people, but her enunciation is bad. Sassy says she probably would be understood if she lived in Germany.

The humans did not explain this before Sassy went to meet this nice quiet couple. Sassy dashed over to the prospective couple, leaned up against them and growled a greeting. They had brought their Husky with them to see if everyone got along. When they met, Sassy growled her greeting and scared the Husky. A Golden Retriever went home with them, only not one that talks, they chose one that barks instead. Any day we find a good home for a Golden is a good day.

Now we have to find a new prospective family and explain to them ahead of time that Sassy is a talker. She talks in grunts, growls, lots of grrrrs, she talks a lot. She seldom barks, but she has long conversations with her tail working overtime.

Until we find a family that understands a dog that communicates vocally, Sassy will be staying with us. We get along great and we enjoy the discussions that we have. Somewhere there is a family that will enjoy having a dog they can talk to. We will just keep looking.

While Sassy was at the rescue, she received a bath and grooming. She is back with us clean and looking great. She did not get picked this time, but a day at the spa helped her feel better. She is ready to meet her next prospect.

Welcome back Sassy. .

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Oh, we're sad about Sassy, but this just means that she hasn't met her true family yet. The one that will love her chatty nature.

    Our Buddy is a talker and he taught Sam to be too.

  2. Heya Mogley, Bella and Sassy,
    Well, we're sure this isn't the way we all wanted to be starting our week off. On the bright side, Sassy got a spa treatment and she is probably looking "fabulous, simply fabulous." Mom and dad and Jubal tell us that Old Bear Dog was a growl communicator and a grunter; he hardly ever barked. Bear was a sweet boy and would never hurt a soul, that's just the way he talked. These people just misunderstood and so they missed their "Golden" opportunity. We are turning up the power on the good vibes machine. Don't worry Sassy, these two other guys will take good care of you until you find the perfect forever home.
    - TBH

  3. Daisy is a talker. She growls, and moans and whines, but it is all in happiness (except for the occasional whine to go out in the morning. I actually worry sometimes that if she were in distress, I wouldn't be able to tell. If you need someone to assure prospective parents that a growling Golden is a good thing, contact me at and I would be happy to arrange to talk to someone, and give them a Daisy demo.

    Tucker and Daisy's Mom

  4. The Conifer CrewApril 06, 2009 10:58 AM

    Ms. Charm (like Princess Carmel Wiggle Butt before her) is also a growler when she wants to say something. We here think it is adorable cause neither one means anything but good by it. Tell Ms. Sassy she will find the perfect family that will be able to growl back at her in love!

  5. I too am a growler and a talker. We always have to tell others before they become scared of me. They don't understand I am just expressing my love and adoration. Mom understands me perfectly. We have long spirited conversation!! Much love to Sassy. She will find someone worthy of her

    wonderful communication skills!!

  6. Hi everyone,

    Well we used to have a pittie who was JUST LIKE Sassy. He did bark a lot but he also talked to us through growls, loud and low, and steady and soft. He also would be wagging his tail and jumping around, he meant no harm but other dogs and even some people were afraid of him because of it.

    We understand you Sassy and don't worry girl, someone will come along and scoop you right up and love all of you, grunts, growls and all!

    the ThoughtsFurPaws furkids

  7. When we first rescued Juniper, she didn't like my husband. (she still has grave concerns about him after 2.5 years!)When he asked her to come, she would, but she walked very slowly, and grumbled under her breath the whole way over to him. It was as if she were saying "Who is this guy, why does he want me to come over there, I was perfectly happy on my pillow, now he makes me get up and I really don't want to do it but I guess I will." Perhaps there were some mild cuss words in there too.
    I am not sure when she stopped the grumbling. She still walks up to him slowly, though.