Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Play date with Sassy

What a fun day we are having. My three cousins came by for a play date. Everyone was introduced to Sassy and all six of us ran out to the back yard to run and wrestle. It is a dull, overcast day, a snow storm is coming in, so the pictures of all of us running are all blurry.

Below, Sassy and Bella take a pause while playing in the snow. Bella is much taller than Sassy.

Sassy and Bella again, catching their breath while playing in the back yard.

Above, Sassy investigating the garden area yesterday while the sun was shining.
Sassy is ready to post her profile on the GRRR web site (see to begin the search for her forever home. Tomorrow we will post what she decides she wants in a new forever home. She says she is going to be picky and hold out for the perfect home. Rescue says they will help her find her perfect match as soon as she tells them what she expects. So tune in tomorrow for Sassy's wish list.
Above, Sassy shows her form as she runs to catch up with her buddies.

We wanted to show a picture of Piper because she has changed so much. Last summer and fall, Piper looked like she was almost nude, she had a thin coat and looked like she was freezing even in the summer heat. Now they have her problems under control with daily pills and an occasional shot (brrrr). Her coat has grown, especially around her legs and now she looks like a ballerina wearing a tu-tu. Below, Piper, showing her long hair on her thighs, giving her the look of a ballerina.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Piper, does indeed look much warmer!Very pretty. Kudos to her parents for taking such good care of her.
    The snow looks like so much fun. We very seldom get snow in North Texas. But, I do love playing in it.
    Sassy looks like she was having so much fun with Bella. So nice for her to be invited in by all of her golden buddies for a good romp.
    Looking forward to Sassy's post tomorrow about her wants for a new home. I know she will find a good one with help from all of you.
    Much love,

  2. Heya Mogley, Bella and Sassy,
    We all love watching your process unfold as we undertake the quest to find Sassy her new forever home. It's good for all the peeps to see what is involved, to feel the ache of near misses and to thoroughly enjoy the success that we all wait to see when a successful placement/adoption is the reward. This is why youse guys are "BZ" caliber. It's also good to be made aware of the responsibility required to love and care for dogs like Piper that require just a bit more attention than some others.
    - TBH