Sunday, April 19, 2009

A New home for Maggie

Photo below, six Golden's rest after playing in the wet snow. Maggie is at the far right, rear. All six Goldens are rescue allumni. Long live rescue.

Below, Maggie shows her perfect form.
Sunday morning we all went to the pet store. Maggie weighed in at 94 pounds, somewhat less then we expected. Her heavy fluffy coat makes her look heavier than she is. She says she is going to try a different hair color next time, stripes may make her look slender.
Shortly before noon on Sunday Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies called and asked if we could bring Maggie over to meet a possible Forever Home family. We sprang into action, into the truck and headed for Golden, Co. 30 miles later we were at the rescue. The meeting went great. It was love at first sight for Maggie. Bella and I met her new family and we approve as well. The family was looking for a jogging and walking partner that could double as a love dispenser. They offered a lot of experience with Golden's, they had lost their senior Golden and after a proper period they were in need of more Golden Love.

Maggie took them for a long walk and worked her charm on them. When they returned they took another young Golden for a walk, when they returned they thought about adopting two, then settled on Maggie. She charmed them with her beautiful coat and stature as well as her wonderful behaviour on a leash. She was on a roll. The humans told them that Maggie had an Olympic Gold Medal in Table Surfing, that did not even phase them. Maggie had done her magic. They had lots of toys at home but they promised to stop on the way home and buy an extra large dog bed just for her. Maggie has a home!

While we were there Sassy (see last weeks blogs) came in with her new family. They were there to get a micro chip and finish paper work on the adoption. Sassy's growling and talking made some of the other dogs nervous at the dog park, but her family is getting used to it. She is happy with her new home and did not want to go back with us. She said she was being spoiled rotten and she enjoyed every minute of it.

Just before we left home we took some new pictures of Maggie for when we put her profile up on the Internet. She found her home and did not even put her profile on the Internet. Here is one last look at Maggie.

Maggie, you were a wonderful friend, a polite guest, a fun play mate, and we enjoyed your stay with us. You left us with some Golden memories. We wish you a long and happy life.
We want to send a special thanks to everyone in the rescue organization that made it all possible. We are happy for Maggie, but we also feel very bad for several other Golden's that we had to leave in the kennels. We have a busy week and we could not take in another foster for a few days.
Rescues all over the country have too many abandoned dogs and too few foster homes. If you can help your local rescue, a homeless dog will really appreciate having a warm and loving place to live while waiting for that Forever Home. Chain link walls and concrete floors do not make a home.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Heya Mogley and Bella,
    WOW! And DOUBLE WOW! That's GRRRRRREAT news. This is like really amazing. We posted about Maggie in our blog today, just a few hours ago as a matter of fact. So we'll post this AMAZING news on our blog tomorrow. Here's a big Bravo-Zulu salute to all the dogs and peeps that worked so hard to make this happen. We are all in shock and flabbergasted by this really teriffic news. We all need to lay down and catch our breath. Stay cool dude and dudette. WOW-WOW!

  2. Wonderful post. And such a happy one. We are glad for Maggie. And Sassy. Two very nice girls who have homes, many thanks to you.

  3. This is great news! It certainly sounds like Maggie is going to a wonderful, happy family and she will get plenty of care there. I love reading about the happy endings you all write about on this blog. :)


  4. Such good news for Maggie, and how wonderful it must have been for you seeing Sassy. I know it always makes you feel good to see the fosters being love and treated well in their new forever homes.

  5. Hi Mogley! Maggie Mae here and boy, am I lovin' my forever home. My first night, I met my grandparents and met their kitties. Then, I home to my new house. WOW! I went to Petsmart and picked out my own crate and cushion. I have a new walking harness and I take two walks per day. My parents say they can't understand how anyone could say I can't bond with anyone or that I don't like being inside. I have two kitties that I love and they sit by me alot. I did try and counter surf a couple of times, but they tell me I'm quite smart and I haven't tried it again. I also thought maybe the brown lumps in the kitty litter might be a treat for me, but I listen to my Mom when she gives me a "nah." So, things are going great and I couldn't be happier. This is definitely my forever home and I'd like to thank my foster parents, Mary, the Vet Doc and all other others with GRRR for helping and caring for me in my transition. We hope to see you at Spring Fling!!
    Love, Maggie Mae

  6. That was fast! No one could anyone resist such a beautiful girl. Maggie sounds very happy.

    love & wags,

  7. Maggie!!! How fantastic! (And about those kitty litter treats - my Mom says 'no', too, but I just wait until it's late at night and she's asleep!) We (me, TaiChi - my old and venerable sister - and Bufus the cat, and Mom and Dad, of course) are THRILLED for you!!!! *kissey face*

  8. What a great day with all the golden rescues and a happy one for Maggie. =)