Saturday, April 4, 2009

UP DATE on Sassy

Today (Saturday) we received a message that Sassy has someone interested in adopting her and giving her a Forever Home. Sassy is excited, she is packing her bags and will be to excited to sleep tonight. They found her on the GRRR rescue web site and read her profile. They want to meet her and see if they like her and if she likes them. They have submitted their application, their home has been visited by the inspection team to be sure they have a good home with a yard, proper fencing and lots of extra love to give. They have passed all the tests and all that is left is to meet Sassy and get her approval. Stay tuned and keep your paws crossed.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. This is good news for Sassy. We hope they all bond.

  2. Hey Mogley, Bella & Sassy,
    We have the positive vibe machine turned on and we're generating positive vibes. We howl at the DOG tonight and ask that he help Sassy with her hopeful adoption. That write up on the GRRR rescue site was super duper and probably did the trick. We've got all 24 of our front paws crossed for you Sassy.
    - The Bumpass Hounds

  3. Dear HM, HD, Mogley and Bella and Sassy,
    Pawsome news for sweet Sassy and her future furever family!
    So many dogs, of all kinds and all ages, are looking for homes.
    We are keeping our paws crossed for Sassy and all the dogs needing love, and kitties too.
    Mom is working every day for my dog rescue group. They helped us find each other to love. What greater gift is there?

    BOL and BV,

  4. Dear Mogley,
    Please ask your readers to send love and healing thoughts and hope to Kim and her 4 y/o Berner girl, Maggie who was just diagnosed with a mast cell tumor. They need all of us pulling for them.

    Visit them with love at

    Thank you,
    P.S. Your blog and TBH are mom's every day favorites : ))

  5. Good luck and well done Sassy.