Friday, April 17, 2009

Maggie, our new foster friend

Today has been an exciting day. First, the day started with a heavy rain storm that turned into snow in the afternoon. Lots of snow. Road closing snow. Run and play in it snow. My cousins, Emma, Molly, and Piper came by early in the morning for a play date. We were in and out the dog door, soaking wet. Finally they locked the dog door to stop us from going out in the rain and getting wet, then coming in the house and shaking dry.

Photo above, Five of us play in the new snow. Photo below, Piper and Molly take a breather from wrestling.

Above, I play with my cousins in the fresh snow.

Emma and I had a veterinarian appointment, we drove all across town to get to our appointment. It was raining ad snowing so hard that we could not stick our noses and ears out of the window. A wasted ride by dog standards. I usually don't mind the veterinarian appointment because I get to ride with my head out the window and enjoy the wind in my ears. But no, not today. After the Vet visit we went to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies offices to pick up a new foster friend.

World, meet Maggie.
Maggie used to live on a huge property, she had hundreds of acres to run in. Then she was moved into a very small place. She did not get enough exercise, she had no place to run so her pent up energy became a problem. She was given lots of food so the combination of no exercise and too much to eat made her gain weight. Our assignment is to get her toned up a little, learn what she knows and evaluate her knowledge and temprement for placement in a future home.

The humans threatened to not let me put a picture of Maggie up. They said that Maggie is so beautiful that she will be adopted in days, then we will be left without a foster again. I fooled him, I put the pictures up below as you can see. Bella said that if they don't call her beautiful before they go to bed she is going to hide one of their shoes, outside, in the snow.

Maggie is a very large Golden lady. Maggie has a beautiful fluffy coat, she spent a lot of time outdoors. We need to find out if she is a good indoor dog as well. She is very friendly, she is big and she follows humans around looking for attention. She is very loving, she would be a lap dog if a 90 pound dog can fit on any lap. She was playing with the five of us within minutes of her arrival, running and romping in the snow. She is the kind of dog that makes people turn and look when she goes by. She is very curious about the cats, but she has not chased one, yet. In a few days we will see if she is cat friendly or just cat tolerant.

We will be posting more later as we learn about her and she learns about us. We will keep you informed as we seek her new home. Wish Maggie luck in finding her perfect home.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. How exciting. And Maggie is a beautiful girl. Looks like she fits right in.

    You had all that snow today? Did anyone tell the weather it's supposed to be spring? Well, actually it was supposed to be in the 30s tonight but I think that was changed to the 40s. Whew!

  2. Shades of Sophie. Sophie hasn't seen 90 lbs in a long time. Sophie was 147 lbs last June, she was 132 lbs in October when she joined us and last Saturday she was 94 lbs. So, unfortunately, she is still probably "bigger" than Maggie. Maggie is beautiful and we hope that she gets adopted soon but the peeps that get her need to keep her on the Sophie diet until she's fit & trim again.
    - TBH

  3. Heya Mogley and Bella,
    How y'all doing. Your big snowstorm made the local fishwrapper with a half page dedicated to coverage about people being stranded and staying in shelters cause the interstaes were closed. We told mom and dad "That's Mogley and Bella's snow."
    Hey it's great that now that Sassy has a loving forever home you are now gonna help Maggie find her new furvevr home. You might need to borrow our Sophie diet plan to trim Maggie down a bit. We have confidence that if anyone can find Maggie her new home it will be youse two. We'll to the good vibes machine on again but we'll leave it on medium until she sheds a few pounds.
    - TBH

  4. Good for Maggie! She's a very pretty girl. It's always so wonderful when fosters find their new homes. Kepp up the good work from one foster home to another!