Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sassy packs her bags

Sassy here again. I want to thank Mogley for letting me use his blog while I am staying at his house. This home has been a wonderful foster home, but I keep looking forward to having a home (and a human) of my own. The rescue has several prospective new homes for me, they are just deciding which one is the best one.

Several important and exciting things have happened. Since I learned to use the dog doors I can now explore the back yard closely without fear of being locked out. Spending more time in the back yard has led to an exciting discovery. I had seen the pond in the back yard, but with the sun on the water, I could see the Koi in the pond. I did not know what they were except that the humans called them "No, No's!". The humans call a lot of things "No, No's! If you are like me, you learn that since a "No, No's" can be anything, we can take it under advisement and move on. In this case moving on meant "Jumping In". I could not catch them, but I did take a swim in some very cold water.

The even better news is that now I am slated for a bath. I smell like a fish pond and humans do not approve. Getting a bath is as good as chasing Koi in the pond. How can I lose? I get to play in the water, then get a massage with shampoo, a towel dry and lots of attention.

I have even more exciting news. I get to go with Kris this evening to make a home inspection for a home that had applied to adopt a Golden. One of the Golden's that they had expressed interest in was me! Since I am nearby, they are going to take me along with the home visitation team and let me get acquainted. They won't leave me there, even if we both like each other, they still have some paperwork to fill out. If they let me get my nose in the door once, I will take care of the rest, I can sell myself. The really good news is that I get to see my prospective new home before I have to commit. Wish me luck and I will let you know how the visit goes.

Sassy G. Retriever


  1. Oh how exciting. I hope it becomes your forever home. Good luck. =)

  2. We're glad you have options. We want you to have the best, Sassy. We hope all goes well!

  3. Hi Sassy G
    I am keeping my paws crossed for you --that the GRRR applicants are Sassy Golden-worthy.

    They are facing a high hurdle. You have been bunking with the best and deserve the best : )

    Good luck!!

  4. Heya Sassy,
    Y'all know that we have the Bumpass Good Vibe generator reved up and pumping out good vibes. keep a positive attitude but don't settle if it isn't a good fit. Keeps us informed girl.
    - TBH