Monday, March 24, 2008

And Then There Were Three!

Easter Sunday we went to Jenny's to play with Emma and Piper. The humans put all kinds of good smelling things on the table. I was ready to give the blessing and then dig in, but no! They don't share well, they locked us outside. We had a good time playing with our friends. With the warm weather we are having we can enjoy the ride home by hanging our heads out of the window. Stella is on the left, I am in the center and Bella is on the right. In the picture below we are giving Stella lessons in "How to hang your head out of a window." Stella is on the left, I am on the far right, Bella is in the center. Bella can be a window hog at times.

I am leaning out the car window so that I can read my own blog, I wanted to check the spelling before I posted it. Just kidding, I am watching the ground, a squirrel may run by at any moment. It is important to know where you are going. Shortly after this picture we pulled into the dog park for a run. The park was filled with people and dogs on Easter Sunday afternoon. We are trying to give Stella lots of exercise to help her get down to a good weight so she can keep up with the summer adventures. The picture of Stella below is why she needs so much exercise.
Stella is feeling much better now, thank you. She had a terrible ear infection when she arrived and it was hurting her. With exercise and regular ear treatments, she is getting her energy back and she can play much harder now. Every day she becomes more energetic. We thought she was a very quiet and mellow lady, she is starting to bubble and gain energy. She is not an old lady, she is a very energetic Golden Retriever. We still miss our friend Ally, we hope she is doing well in her new home.

Happy Easter all!
Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. Mogley you always have the cutest pictures up! You guys are quite the Golden team :)