Sunday, March 23, 2008

So Much Has Happened!

I don’t know where to begin, so much has happened. What is the sound of four dogs wrestling? Bella, Stella, Ally and I have been playing a bit harder than the humans expect, they came running thinking there was a herd of elephants in the house. Nope, just us dogs! Bella and I are enjoying having Stella and Ally living with us. Jenny brought Emma and Piper to play with us early on Saturday, if you have been keeping count there are now six (6) Golden Retrievers to run and romp. We lined up for a family picture and to beg for a treat. We were all loaded in the truck to go to the big dog park. When we arrived at the park the two humans let us go towards the water. Usually when we head to the river they yell at us, today they decided that it was a good day to give six baths to six dirty dogs. We ran, we splashed, we chased one another, and we played in the river and in the swamp. After over an hour of full speed running and splashing we came out tired, wet, muddy and happy. People on the path along the side of the river stopped to watch us romp in the water and laughed at us.

We returned home to be bathed and dried off, yes, all six of us. Emma and Piper went home, Ally, Stella, Bella and I went for a ride across town. Stella had an ear infection; we had to go to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) to pick up some ear medicine for her. We met the nice people that run the rescue, helping out all of the homeless Golden Retrievers, what great people. We met some of the other dogs that were at the rescue, some of them don’t have nice homes to go to at night, and they are lonesome for a human friend. We met two dogs that had just been rescued from very bad conditions; one had spent his entire life outside tied to a chain. He was a beautiful Golden, but so afraid of everything, even people. Volunteers come in and take the lonely dogs for walks, sometimes they take them to the mountains for a run. They do anything they can to give a dog a few hours of happiness while it is waiting for a forever home.

A nice lady came in; she had lost her best friend, a wonderful Golden, and was ready to take someone home with her. She lives outside of Denver on a few acres that were fenced for horses and dogs; it had a stream and pond for swimming. She met several dogs. When she saw Stella, she thought Stella was wonderful, beautiful and very mellow. Then she met Ally! Ally is such a wonderful dog, she has no bad habits, she obeys her commands, she is very energetic and very good looking. For the two of them it was love at first sight.

Ally left, riding in the front of a pick-up truck, heading for a life in the country. Now that is living for a Golden Retriever! If anyone deserves such a life, it was Ally. After only a day and ½, the foster parents were threatening to not let her go. Foster failures are what happen when the foster parents will not give up a dog they took in to foster. Ally was a very special little dog, we loved her, and we miss her. She deserves the wonderful new home she has been given. The nice lady promised to give her lots of tummy rubs, ear scratches, extra love, and to bring Ally back to the Golden Retriever Reunion events so we can see her again. Ally received a wonderful Easter present.

Mary tried to fill the emptiness with Ruby, an 8 month old puppy. Ruby and I did not get along; I guess I was jealous of a younger, better looking puppy. They gave up on sending Ruby home with us that night. We will have another dog to pick up and bring home later in the week. It was a quiet ride home, we were tired so all three of us rested.

We wish Ally the best of happiness, and we wish for Stella to find a wonderful home as well. Ally and Stella lived together for over a year, Stella is feeling pretty lonely right now, even if Bella and I are there for her. If you want some Gold in your home, call a rescue and volunteer some time, donate, or adopt a needy dog. Stella and 34 others are waiting. A link to GRRR is on the left, click on it to read Stella's profile. GRRR is a 501(c)3 organization, there is a link to click on to donate to help save abandoned Golden Retrievers.

Thanks and Happy Easter!
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Those are GREAT action shots! I would have stopped to watch too if I were there in the park! How funny!

  2. What a lot of fun you guys were having in the water! My human mom would never let me do that. Cooper