Sunday, March 30, 2008

Friday evening Piper and Emma came to visit. They will be here for about 10 days; their humans are going on a trip to something called Egypt. I understand the place has lots of cats, so we don’t feel too bad that we can’t go along. It would be fun to run up the long steep steps on that big pyramid thingy. Barking at a camel would be fun also.

With four Goldens in one place I expect to have lots of fun for the next week. The picture above shows Emma helping me beat up on Bella. Saturday morning breakfast was exciting; feeding four hungry dogs takes some skill. Piper has a metabolism that makes her think she is starving at all times, so she always wolfs her food down and then tries to help others finish theirs. Sometimes I like to eat slowly and savor every bite, which makes Piper impatient. The human has to watch to make sure no disagreements occur.

Piper and I have fun wrestling; she is learning how to play tug-o-war even though she is much smaller than I am she still puts up a good fight. Piper and I have three way battles with Bella.
After breakfast we went to the big park for a run. He said something about wanting us to be tired before we went to a special meeting later. We had a good morning run in the early morning sun. We chased some mice and ground squirrels in the tall grass.

Once back home we loaded up again and headed across town. It was training day for volunteers at the Golden Retriever Rescue. When we came in the room the human told everyone that although the invitation stated "well mannered dogs were welcome", he did not have any so he brought us instead. Funny! The meeting was fun, there were many people there, and when Bella and I got restless lying in the floor someone would pet us or scratch our ears to help us relax. We learned how lucky we were to be rescued by GRRR. GRRR takes a lot of care in selecting new homes for us. They want the best for us and they do a lot of checking on people before they will let us move in with them. They don't want us to go into a home where we might be mistreated or where there are no large fenced yards or special places for us to play. Many former rescue dogs were there; I renewed some old acquaintances and met some new friends. Rosie was there, she is a special rescue dog, her story will appear here soon. Now we are trained, we can go to malls and parades and talk to people about GRRR. I can see a busy summer coming up.

Wags and licks,
Mogley G. Retriever

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