Thursday, March 6, 2008

A day at the Doctor's

Tuesday I went to the doctor for my annual check up. I did not go to the corner vet like my step sister; I went to the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital ( My human told me that I had to have a heart check up to see if I was still a perfect dog. I know I am, still taking me to the Doctor was kind of fun. I rode over with my two step sisters but they did not stay. Don’t tell them that I was given lots of treats after they left, they will be jealous.
In the picture above I am being weighed in. I weigh 75 pounds, Bella weighs 86 pounds, and Piper is only 44 pounds. Then I went back to the examination area. They gave me all kinds of tests, naturally I passed them all, and I am that kind of a dog. I had to wait till the emergency ward was done treating the needy and injured dogs, so I had time to make friends. The emergency ward was busy all day long; I did not realize how many hurt and injured dogs there are in the city every day. There was a constant stream of dogs arriving with emergency needs. The staff was very kind to me, everyone was interested in me. I have some business cards with my picture and my web address; these make a big hit when I hand them out. I have a hard time carrying them with me. I allow a human to accompany me, they have pockets and they can carry business cards.

My human took the medical report and later called the doctor back to find out more. He does not look happy, but he will not let me see it. Someday I am going to find out what they are hiding from me. Still, the trip was fun, it was a new place to go, new dogs to sniff and new people to pet me.

Thanks to the Vets for caring for me, and the treats were wonderful. Who does your dog bones? Could I get them to cater my next party?

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hi Mogley,
    I just found your website. I am a Golden too. My name is Sami. I think that is a cool idea to have your own business cards. So smart! I will have to tell my mommy about that great idea and beg her to get me some too. She could hand them out at the doggie park to new friends I meet.

    Kisses & Licks

  2. Hi Mogley,

    We enjoy the cookies we get at the vet and that's about it... we are big chickens our mother always tells us becuase we get boo-boo faces when we arrive at the vet's office. BOL

    Benson and Gibson

  3. Hi Mogley,

    We are 2 golden boys and we love to go to the vet. In fact, one of the vets is my human's daughter. She's very nice.

    Montana and Brinkley

  4. Mogley, you are so handsome and you look so healthy. We hope your human was looking "not happy" about some thing else (like the bill) and not about your medical report! We all love you and your wonderful blog.