Thursday, March 27, 2008

A bottle of fun!

Life is fast when you are a busy dog like I am. As you can see by the picture, my human thinks it is cute to make me carry my own water bottle with me when we walk. Remember the old story that goes "be careful what you wish for....?" When Cindy came to visit, she pulled in the driveway, left her car door open so I ran to welcome her. I jumped in the car and like a good dog, I carried her water bottle for her. Everyone got all upset, it turns out they only want me to carry certain bottles. It was not a good water bottle anyway, when they tried to take it away I naturally assumed we were having a tug-o-war on the driveway. The bottle only lasted a few tugs and then it started leaking. Then the humans decided they did not want it anymore. It is so hard to predict what they want.

On a walk in the park we went by a person resting on a bench, a water bottle by their side. Suddenly they tell me that brand of water is not what they want me to carry, they did not want me carrying the brand he had, or something like that. They did not like it, but it was water, it was a bottle, and I was carrying it. On down the path a a mother was pushing a stroller while a toddler tried to keep up. Being the friendly dog that I am, I went to lick the toddler hanging on the baby stroller. They really got angry when I grabbed a bottle out of the stroller. That was the best bottle of all and they took it away so fast it made my head shake. They turned their attention to the toddler when Bella knocked her down, and I had a second chance to grab the bottle out of the stroller. This time I ran with it, I only got a few paces away before they started yelling again. All right humans, do you want me to carry a bottle or not? Make up your minds!

Stella has been with us a week and already someone is going to adopt her and give her a forever home. Stella was just getting settled in, we were starting to play well and she was becoming a family member. A very nice couple visited on Wednesday afternoon. They went home to think about it, and came back Thursday to take her home. In the rush of saying good by there was so much I wanted to tell Stella and tell her new owners.

I forgot to tell them that Stella likes her rear end scratched, she likes tummy rubs and she likes her ears scratched now that her ears no longer hurt. She will need a good brush in the evening, she likes to look and feel her best. She likes a forehead rub, it helps relax her before her evening beauty treatment. We all get a little peanut butter treat, licked off of a finger, when we have been real good dogs. Stella likes to sleep on the soft cushion, and she does snore a little. She talks a lot when she wrestles, she livens up the back yard when she chases the squirrels. She does very well off leash, she stays close and comes when called. I hope they bring her back to our Golden Retriever Reunion events so we can see each other again. I hope they will call and set up play dates, maybe we can all go run in the park together again. Good luck Stella, I hope this forever home is forever!

We miss her and she felt bad about leaving us, but she also looked forward to a new adventure. She understands that there are many more homeless dogs in the world, today there is room for another homeless dog at our house because Stella found a new home of her very own.

Wags, wiggles and licks,
Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. I don't carry stuff when we go out for walkies. I thought that's what humans are for?