Friday, March 14, 2008

Lonely Dogs

Two lonely dogs sitting in the entry way, missing our friend, Piper. Piper went home to Emma and Jenny, her sister and human. That makes room at our home for a third dog. A new foster Golden will soon be arriving from the rescue kennels to visit us and be our new playmate while they search for a forever home.

Before we took Piper to her home we went for one last run in the big park together. Piper came to stay because Molly was picking on her. Molly moved to her new home and Piper returned to her real home, it’s all very confusing. Bella and I sure did have fun with her, she was lively and loved to run and wrestle. She will be back again in a couple of weeks, her humans are going on a long trip and both Piper and Emma will be staying with us while they are gone.

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies in Denver ( accepts all Golden’s (and other breeds as well from time to time); there are always more needy dogs than homes. Golden’s come to our rescue from far away because the volunteers work hard to find homes for everyone and provide great medical care, even to very sick dogs. We recently received 10 Golden’s from Oklahoma City, read the newsletter at the web site and learn how our group rescued puppy mill dogs and found them new homes. Some of the puppy mill dogs did not know what grass was, they had never known anything but concrete and cages. Their transformation is a wonderful story with a very happy ending. Make a donation to help with the costs of helping these wonderful dogs.

I am excited that we can help another lonely dog at our home. I remember when I was homeless, scared, lonely, cold and I did not know where my next cold meal was coming from. I did not have a bed, toy, leash or collar to call my own. Bella and I are happy to be able to share our warm home and many toys with a homeless dog. We don’t know who is coming, but Bella and I will make them welcome. They will find a warm home, a soft bed, toys, regular meals and all the balls they can chase plus regular trips to the big park to run and play.

If GRRR had a Golden sign over its gates it would say “Over 378 dogs placed in 2007”.
One more home, one less forgotten dog.
Mogley G. Retriever

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