Thursday, March 20, 2008

Foster Dogs Arrive.

Usually when we get in the truck we go to the big dog park. Today we went past the dog park, arriving at a home where we met 10 other Golden Retrievers. We were there to be introduced to Ally and Stella, two homeless dogs that had been turned over to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR). We were going to provide them with a foster home until they can be placed in forever homes. In the picture, I am on the left, then Stella, Bella and Ally is on the far right. It was hard to get a good picture, everyone was so excited, we all wanted to go run and play.

Ally and Stella are beautiful girls, with mellow dispositions. Ally and Stella are 6 and 7 years old, they were given up because of a divorce, the wife tried to keep them along with her three young children (ages 2-9), but it became too much for her. She surrendered the two Golden Girls to GRRR.

We will evaluate them and help find a new home that will fit them. They have been here less than four hours and already we know a lot about them. They are both very calm and well mannered. They sit on command and walk well on a leash. Stella (aka Ojoe) is a little overweight, she needs to lose about 30 pounds to be in better health and be more active. Ally is a lover, she leans on every human that comes along and she wanted to crawl into the humans lap as he was watching TV. She is very lonesome for attention, upset about being abandoned, in a strange home, away from her family.

The first lesson was called “Dog doors, 101”. Ally passed with flying colors, going in and out several times. Stella got stuck at first, Stella is too fat to fit through the dog door without a little effort. She finally mastered the task of wiggling and squirming to get through the door. A few days of good exercise and a careful diet will make her into a new dog.

Next was dinner, we fed everyone and no one got grumpy, no one tired to eat more than their share, Stella was given a little less than she was used to eating, but she was happy with it. Ally did not want to eat at first, finally she was coaxed into trying a bite and she cleaned up her bowl. Stella and Ally proved to be very polite while eating. They eat slowly and they take their time, savoring each bite.

The next test was the cat test, Stella and Ally passed with flying colors. Shortly after dinner all four dogs were taking a short nap on the floor when the white cat walked through the room. He tip-toed his way around the dogs, stopped nose to nose with Stella and Ally to get acquainted and jumped up into the human’s lap. Ally and Stella did not try to chase the cat, or even get up to investigate. We can add “cat friendly” to the list of good traits that Ally and Stella will have on their profile on the adoption page. Since the former owner had three children under 10, we can assume they are child friendly as well, but we can call the former owner and find out for sure.

After they have had a day or two to relax and settle into their new foster home, they will be ready to begin meeting with prospective new homes. If my readers know someone that would like a very nice, very mellow Golden, please visit the GRRR web page. Stella and Ally do not have their profiles up on the adoption site yet, at any given time about 30 dogs are in transit, being evaluated, getting a health check up and being trained before they are offered out for adoption. Check in with us regularly to see how Stella and Ally do as they move into a new life. You can also leave a donation to help these and many other dogs that are seeking new homes and starting new lives.

Visit GRRR at and meet some of the other dogs that are lonely and in need of homes. I bet you have room in your home for more Gold!

Thank you,
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hello Mogley! I found your blog and am enjoying it :) I hope you have a great Easter with your new foster friends. You are quite the looker, watch out for those girls:) God Bless you, Mogley, and your family and friends.

  2. Mogley bless you and your family for taking in those who are less fortunate. They are certainly lucky girls to have friends like you and your humans.