Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Very Exiting Day!

I am so excited I am still panting. Just before lunch time my human heard a commotion in the back yard and opened the back door. The commotion was caused by a flock of crows that were flying around a fox, swooping down on him, trying to drive him off. I looked outside and took off running; there was a fox in my yard! I ran towards him and he jumped over the fence back into the park. When I got to the fence I found a dead squirrel, that was why the fox was in my yard, he was poaching my squirrels. The fox must be fast, I have never come close to catching a squirrel. How the fox managed to catch a squirrel while the crows were swooping down on him is hard to guess. The squirrels like to eat the dried apples that lay on the ground under the apple trees; the winter has been so dry that the apples have dried up instead of rotting away. The squirrel must have been busy watching the crows or maybe the crows were attacking him as well, squirrels do like to raid crows nests to eat the eggs and crows attack squirrels when they get the chance. It was a slow squirrel if the fox managed to jump the fence and still grab him. The human did not know what happened to the squirrel until I came into the living room with a dead squirrel hanging out of the sides of my mouth. I did not think they would be upset, it was just a squirrel, I had not even killed it myself, I was just showing off the toy I had made the fox drop as he jumped the fence. They took the squirrel away and would not let me play with it. If you ask me, it was a waste of a perfectly good squirrel. There were many hours of play left in that dead squirrel. It is not every day I get to chase a fox and play with a squirrel.

Raccoons are a different story, they regularly come into the yard at night, and I run out to chase them, barking and waking up the neighborhood. There are even coyotes that come through the park occasionally, one bark from me and they take off, they are very afraid of being near the homes.
I helped clean up some old popcorn. There was a little popcorn left in a bucket from the theater. I finished off the popcorn, one piece at a time as it was thrown to Bella and me to catch. When the bucket was empty I was allowed to lick the butter out of the bucket. Yummy, the butter was good. When I was done licking I tried to eat the cardboard bucket and they took the bucket away from me. There was lots of good taste left in the bucket and it went into the trash. Talk about wasting toys, first the squirrel, then the popcorn bucket They took a picture of me with my head in the bucket licking the butter, a very unflattering picture if you ask me.

It was just another exciting day in the life of a puppy.
Mogley G. Retriever

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