Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mogley to the rescue!

I am enjoying having Piper stay with me. When Bella gets tired of running and wrestling I can turn to Piper, she is rested and ready to romp. We went to the park together and had a fun run in the sun. There is still snow in the deep grass, but spring is coming, there are tiny bits of green at the ground level. Piper was well behaved, she came when called and stayed close, most of the time. Piper was the first one back to the car; she was tired. The picture shows Bella, Myself and Piper "On Golden Fields".
I want to direct my readers to a blog with some excellent pictures. This lucky Golden Retriever lives in Singapore. I enjoyed reading all about his adventures and seeing some very good pictures. Thank You, to all who have sent me e-mails and comments. Thanks for telling me about your life. So many happy stories, so many happy dogs!

Now I need your help. The dog rescues are flooded with dogs. Call your local rescue and offer to take in a foster dog so he does not need to spend another night in a chain link run. Visit the kennels and take a dog out for a walk or a run in the park. They need human contact and love as much as they need exercise.

Dogs in doggy jail are not there because they did something wrong, they are in jail because their humans did something wrong; the dogs are victims. Someone was evicted for their home and a family pet finds itself on the street, hungry, lonely, scared and bewildered. We have several military bases nearby and when a unit is sent overseas the local rescue kennels are flooded with tearful soldiers that suddenly have to give up their best friends. Matilda is still seeking a home, she was out for a walk when her master had a heart attack on the street, leaving her, a bewildered Golden Retriever, standing alone on the end of a leash on the sidewalk. These dogs are pets, trained and loving, with a family and a home one day, the next day they are orphans. If you don’t have room for another set of paws in your home, you can click on a link to donate. To help you understand the size of the crisis we are facing, there are five retriever rescues in the Denver area. They placed over 1,500 retrievers (over 300 per rescue) last year alone. The Poodle, St Bernard and German Shepard rescues all tell the same story. The rescues of all breeds are flooded with even more dogs this year. They need a huge amount of dog food every day, they face huge veterinarian bills, and a lot of volunteer love is needed. Donate money, your home and your love!

My humans are going to take in one more Golden to foster and evaluate so it can be placed with a forever home. One less Golden, scared and cold in a chain link jail; one more friend for Bella, Piper and I to play with. Piper will be going home soon, so there will be an extra bed available.

Click some of the links below to go to a rescue near you! Leave a donation and visit a dog!

My favorite is:
Your favorite breed is here:
You can Google your town name, your favorite breed and find a rescue next door to you.

Only you can provide a home to a needy dog.
Love, licks, and wiggles!

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. Mogley you and your friends certainly are photogenic and it sure sounds like you guys have fun!