Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tails Up, Molly, Tails Up!

The humans thought we were playing a practical joke on them. They wanted to know "What did you do with that sweet, quiet Molly that we had as a foster dog?" Overnight Molly went from a timid, shy little lady, to being a wild dog from Borneo. The humans thought we had switched dogs on them as a trick. They checked her tags, they looked at the pictures of her, it looked like the same dog to them, but she sure did not act like the same dog.

When a rescue dog has been through a lot, it takes some time for them to regain trust and come out of their shell. It takes time for them to learn the rules of the new house, and to learn that when Bella and I play, we play loud, lots of growling when we fight, wrestle and play tug-o-war. It takes time to settle in and become members of the family.

It is wonderful when a new foster dog goes from "Tails Down to Tails Up." Suddenly they are home. This morning was a turning point. Usually we all go out early in the morning, then Bella and I run back in through the dog door, leaving Molly standing at the back door looking forlorn. This time she followed us through the dog door and back upstairs where the humans were trying to go back to sleep. Molly does dog doors!

Later we went out again, Molly chased with us through the snow, tumbling and wrestling at full speed. We went back inside and continued the romp inside, making sure no one slept late. The humans checked her tags, sure enough it was the same Molly, but not the same dog. No longer the shy, quiet girl, no longer quietly walking with her tail down.
The humans told me that it was a good thing GRRR does not charge people to be foster parents. They would pay a large amount to be part of the program. It would max out their credit cards to have this much fun, this much joy, anywhere else. Are you envious? Sign up to adopt a dog or be a foster parent. Thousands of dogs are still in shelters, they have their bags packed and are ready to go home with you. You too can be part of the joy, you too can share the love. You can make a difference in a life!

Tails up, Molly, tails up!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Wonderful news!

    Mogley and Bella, you and your humans are doing GRRREAT work.

    Miss Molly will make a new forever family so very happy.

    Four paw salute!!

    Lots of love to all of you!!

  2. It almost makes me giddy just realizing in such a short amount of time, Molly is responding in such a positive way. Molly has not only good role models in Mogley and Bella, but also their humans!!! Amazing what love can do. Molly looks so happy!!

  3. Hurray for Molly! My mom has the same experience. Beagles take about 2 days to find their voice. Weeks to start to understand the 'foreign country and their ways'. She says it really is a thrill when it happens. One dog took TWO YEARS but it was worth it. He was some crazy character after that. Molly, you go girl!!

    love & wags,

  4. Hey Mogley,
    A truer observation has never been made. Dad used to have to invite Homer in for about a month, the one day he just suddenly
    "belonged." Sophie keep to herself in the foyer for the first two weeks but now she's the Alpha female under the kitchen table. And you're also right that mom and dad say it's not just a great experience and a thrill to be part of but it's also very entertaining. It'll be hard to part with Molly.
    - TBH
    - TBH