Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A message from Marlo

I received a message this morning from Marlo, Sassy's step sister. Above is a photo of Marlo.

Hi, I am Marlo. I am a 7 month old female golden retriever. I came to GRRR with my friend Sassy. Sassy went to stay with Mogley the Blog dog and I got to come over to their friends house. I arrived here last night. I had already eaten my dinner before I arrived but they gave me a good snack when the others ate so I wouldn't feel left out. I am just 7 months old so the extra calories sure won't hurt me at this point. There are 3 goldens here and they have all been very nice to me. We went outside in the back yard and my foster dad threw tennis balls for all of us. We each had our own to retrieve! I ran with the big dogs. Don't tell them but I am faster than they are. Evelyn the golden senior here, she came from GRRR too, has been showing me the ropes. I have to admit I was scared last night and she let me snuggle up to her on the carpet during TV time. That sure made me feel better. I am right as rain today. Nothing like a good night's sleep, great breakfast and a photo shoot to make a girl feel better. Below are a couple of pictures from this mornings shoot.
Evelyn told me that I shouldn't unpack my bag completely as she is sure I will be adopted very quickly. She also said that the resident cats are off limits and that is one of the most important rules here. I was wondering what those furry things were. I was sure interested but I haven't so much as touched one of them. I was a little worried about my friend Sassy last night but my foster mom told me that she is in very good hands. That made me feel better for sure. My foster mom said to let everyone know that I am ok on a leash, I know to sit when told, I seem to be housebroken (so far). I don't understand that dog door thing but I have only tried it once with help. I am not a wild child but am still a puppy so I need someone that will take the time to give me a guiding hand and teach me all the things that will make me a great dog. Well, I am tired now and like all little ones I need a nap. I will write more when I can.

Marlo G. Retriever

PS. I wrote with some help from my foster brothers and sister.


  1. Love your blog!What a wonderful story!Both of our dogs are rescues.I wish more people would look to shelters and rescues when they decide they want a dog, there are just SO many dogs waiting for their forever homes!God bless!

  2. I am glad that Marlo is doing so well in his foster home. =)

  3. Hey Mogley,
    Marlo is a sweet pup. If she had a brother he could be Thomas so they'd be Marlo-Thomas (get it, marlo-Thomas like the actress, ya know That Girl. hahahahaha, we crack ourselves up). We're sure Evelyn is correct and Marlo will be adopted quickly. We'll be pulling for both marlo and sassy. You and bella keep up the good work and BZ to ya.

  4. Hey Mogley,
    I love your blog! You're so profound and you do such good work. I've decided to award you a Kreativ Blogger Award!! Check out my blog and see!!!

  5. Hi Mogley-

    Marlo sounds like a neat pup, we are sure GRRR will hook her up with a wonderful family soon!

    Benson and Gibson