Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Puppy Day!

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, GRRR, has so many great volunteers.    When one of the local shelters had an emergency, GRRR was the rescue that stepped forward, or should we say that one of our foster mom's stepped forward to take in a homeless mom and her babies.  Here is Macy's story.

Macy had a sad story of being dropped off in a night box at a shelter – prego. She whelped at the shelter.  There are six babies.  Four girls (including the yellow) and 2 boys. Macy is finally gaining some weight – she was emaciated so we picked up some high calorie puppy food and her bowl is always filled immediately after she empties it. She would not walk when our transport team delivered them to the designated puppy mom.  Macy was deathly afraid, so they had to carry her in. What a change 10 days makes. She is now taking breaks and coming up into the general population of resident Goldens. I can tell she is happy now as when she wags her tail, her whole body wiggles.

They estimated Macy to be around 11 months old and the pups were born on April 29, so they are 19 days old today. Eyes are open and they are just starting to really focus.

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue will be putting the puppys and Macy up for adoption.  GRRR is just lending a hand as Safe Harbor Lab Rescue was overflowing at the time.  SHLR is not going to put them on their website until they are about 4 – 6 weeks.   So watch for these puppies to show up once our team has prepared them for life on their own. 

A special thanks to our puppy volunteer.   We have had so many puppy rescues and it seems that when one batch of puppies leaves, another one comes in.   Anyone that can care for so many puppies and homeless moms is serving above and beyond the call of duty.   It is also great that the rescues can work together so well for everyone's benefit. 

Don't you just love a puppy story with a happy ending?

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Yes Mogley;
    We do love happy endings and you guys are a big part of many of them

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. Mogley - you and your bi-peds are GReat people.

    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  3. 22 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, we rescued a lab great dane mix from a busy highway. Her mate was killed on that road, before we could get him. Molly had 16 puppies, one died. She was so skinny and dirty, but a good Mom never the less. We had to hand feed her, because she was so weak. We called her our angel dog. One of the sweetest we ever had. She and Macy could be sisters, they look so much alike. So happy that Macy has found help, hopefully, to always never know another hungry day. The puppies are so fortunate to always be taken care of. It could have turned out so differently.
    Thank you,
    Sophie's Mom

  4. It's so sad that a dog who is still basically still a puppy is having puppies herself! :(

  5. You guys are amazing. How someone could drop off a pregnant dog...well some bipeds are just bad. I believe every dog that passes your threshold leaves happy, whole and loved.

  6. What a sad yet happy story!

    Thanks fur all woo do to help!


  7. Mogley, thank you for the story and the pictures. Sometimes when you hear a story like that the air will be very still because an Angel is flying by. Next time you see this dear lady that took in that poor mom and her babies give her a hug from the four of us...and our mommie.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  8. Yes, we love puppy stories! This is a great one. We wish the best for the family.

  9. This is my Dogs's story before I got her. Her name is Honey and she was a Samoyed by the way.

    Honey was born in a little bush because the owner couldn't find a box for Honey's mother's nest. When Honey was 9 weeks old the owner sold honey to a home. The owner was a cruel divorced man who was violent. Honey was sitting there hearing the screams of the man to his ex wife. Sometimes the owner would hit Honey with a ruler. One day the owner saved up money to go on vacation. Eventully, Honey was left by herself for 3 days, when she finally escaped. She looked for food in the garbage. She faced harmful storms, and cold winters. Its amazing how dogs can survive this tragedy. Finally, on March 19, 2008 a nice man found Honey near a forest. He took Honey to the vet and heard Honey got hip displasia for running a long time. Honey was set up for a adoption at my local animal shelter. When I went over there I wasnt expecting to get special dog, after I hear Honey's story, I adopted her right away. She was the best dog in the world!

    Honey has now recovered and is the best dog for my kids. Shelter dogs are the bravest dogs out there. Honey was the bravest dog I ever met. She is now 3 years old and spayed. I have no idea where they got this story and i havent said all of it... Your story was sad too.