Monday, May 24, 2010

Busted, Forever homes and clarification

Above, Star shows her stuff for a visitor.

Busted!   That mystery has been solved.  All day Sunday there were three very gassy dogs in the house.   Luckily for the bi-peds, it was a warm day and all the windows could be left open.   Earlier in the day some overripe bananas had been left out and everyone got a few bites.  The bi-peds were blaming the bananas for the gas and upset stomachs.   This morning they found Bella crawling under the car in the garage and licking her lips.  When they backed one of the cars out they found an empty cat food bag under the rear bumper.   Someone had unloaded a bag of cat food and not put it up on the shelf.   That explains the upset stomachs, diarrhea  and the gas storm we had yesterday.

Sunday a very nice lady came by to meet Star and Daisy.   She was looking for a good companion and a Golden Friend.  She met both Star and Daisy, took them for a walk, and threw balls for them to fetch.  But Daisy was feeling so bloated and down yesterday that she decided not to chose as she wondered what Daisy would be like when she was feeling better.  We had blamed it on the bananas, but now they know it was the cat food.  Daisy is very good at snooping in the garage and was probably the first one to find the bag of food.     The lady is coming by again today to meet with Star and Daisy to take one of them to a new Forever Home.    

Yesterday's blog welcomed Ruby to the pack and the world of Golden Retrievers.   One of our readers thought that Ruby had been adopted.    She is still a foster, still in need of a permanent Forever home.   It is our job to teach her how to be a dog, to bring her out from the cages and terror of the puppy mill.  We are helping her find "The inner Golden Retriever", and help her find her true nature.  With her progress we welcomed her to the pack, she finally is running and playing with us.   So wish her well and we will keep you informed of her progress.   The Paw Challenged one thinks Ruby has crossed an important threshold.   Now that she will accept treats by hand, she can be rewarded for good behaviour, now the training can begin.  Poor lady.   I hope they don't make her work like they do me, fetch this, Mogley, fetch that.   Being an adult "trained" dog has its drawbacks.   Hang on to your freedom as long as you can Ruby.  Make them toss treats to you, pretend you don't understand. 

The lady visiting Daisy and Star also spent some time petting Ruby, it was important that Ruby learn to accept strangers as friends.   We had wondered if she would relax around all humans, she did.  She was curious and willing to allow strangers to pet her as well. 

Star and Daisy are both feeling well this morning, so the competition for a new Forever Home will be stiff today.   The lady combed both of them, petted them, walked them, played with them and made friends with both.   Now comes the hard part, choosing.    It will be hard, both Daisy and Star are lovers and very mellow Lady's.   They are so much alike in disposition that without looking at their coat color, they could be twins.    We will keep you informed. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. We will keep our fingers crossed! We had so hoped you had decided to keep Ruby!


  2. Paws Crossed that a forever home is in the cards for either Daisy or Star.
    We are glad that Bella is feeling better and we hope everyone will stick with dog food.
    We would like to ask all our friends a big favor, please stop over at this blog
    We have been walking a journey with Max and he just lost his battle to cancer. His Mom & family are really hurting so any support you can give would be appreciated.
    Thank you kindly,

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  3. I'm glad to see we aren't the only ones that thought Ruby was home...

    BUT then again, maybe she is!

    Thanks fur the updates!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie