Thursday, May 27, 2010

Company arrives:

The question of the day is:  What is the sound of 8 dogs romping?

Our cousins are having some concrete poured for a patio in their back yard, so Emma, Molly and Piper will be staying with us for a few days until it sets up enough to be dog proof.    This  means that there are 8 Golden's in our house right now.    Myself (Mogley, author of this blog and all around good dog), Bella, Abby, Daisy and Ruby, now we have Emma, Molly and Piper to romp with.    

Ruby has found a new way to keep the bi-peds busy.   She has a "no dry towel" policy in place.    She discovered the fish pond.   She was in it four times yesterday, and twice already this morning.   The bi-peds try and dry her off before she comes back in, that takes a lot of towels.     Ruby has learned that being toweled off is a good thing.    Now the bi-peds are back to looking at the fence around the Koi pond and they are trying to figure out how to dog proof the fence.   

Ruby is getting socialised at warp speed.  She is having a good time now that she has new friends to play with, there is always someone that wants to run.   It will help her speed her journey to being a perfect Golden Retriever.  

We were all set for the grand opening of the swimming pool for the year, but with all 8 dogs to watch the bi-ped chickened out.   The pool will remain covered until the back yard quiets down a little. 

We will try and have some photos up later so you can enjoy the sight of 8 dogs romping.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I guess you can't get mad at Ruby for doing these things...she never had ANY experiences before meeting you. Now she's trying anything and everything!!

    Please post pictures!!

  2. You guys are sure busy, with training Ruby and having all your cousins over. That's 32 paws, whew!!.
    Can't wait to see the photos.
    Mogley, we know you will make sure everyone upholds the "Golden Retriever Tradition"

  3. Hi Mogley
    Neeli (my 21 month Golden) is jealous! She wants to join in the festivities. Happy Thursday to you all & can't wait for the pictures!
    Hugs & woofs,
    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  4. I'm Maggie Mae Sunshine and my guardian gives me a buzz cut for the summer because nothing's better than a good roll in the weeds and then the dirt after a dip in the water - makes me feel sooo gooood!

  5. Ruby!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  6. Mogley, we are looking forward to the pictures. Your bi-peds must be saints to be able to handle 8 golden fuzzballs all at once. Yes, we know, you help a lot. What does Bella say to all this, after all, she is the other resident dog besides you.
    We are very happy Ruby is on a speedy recovery from the puppy mill alumni. And we wish all of you a happy weekend. Even if it is without the pool.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senbior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.