Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ruby the magician and Sugar the in transit foster.

The photo above is Ruby with her very first toy.   And her very first hole she dug in the lawn.   Two firsts for the puppy mill escapee. 

So much is happening that it is hard to keep up.    This afternoon the bi-ped could not find Ruby.   Ruby was missing.   The house was searched, the yard was searched, the gates were checked.   There is not even a space large enough for the cat to get through.  How could she escape?  She is small and very skinny, maybe she could squeeze out the space between the gates?

Our cousins were called in to help in the search, neighbors were asked to spread out in the area and look for her.   The bi-ped called Golden Retriever Rescue to tell them that Ruby had somehow fled.  Asked them to be on the alert if someone called in her tag number to GRRR.   Then Ruby came out of hiding, yawning and stretching.  But no one saw where she came from.  A short time later they had to search again, this time they found her hole.  She had a hole behind the apple tree, partly under the lilac bush, where she could nap undisturbed.   The search was called off and everyone was able to relax.  Ruby was brought inside and she was placed under close watch. 

Then a call came in asking if we could go pick up a 7 year old Golden from the Denver Dumb Friends league.   Sugar needed a new home, she had been at the Dumb Friends League as long as she could be and we were asked to take her.   The bi-ped jumped in the car and returned with a wonderful lady, Sugar.   Below is our first photo of Sugar. 
Tomorrow morning Sugar, Alexa (our cousins foster) and Daisy have to make a trip to the vet.  Then Sugar will either return or go on to a new foster home while she waits for a forever home, we don't know yet.   Our task was to get her out of doggie jail and move her into the care of Golden Retriever Rescue.

Ruby is settling in, she is getting along well.  She is still terrified when a bi-ped approaches, she likes being petted but she has a hard time overcoming her urge to flee.   Sometimes she stops and braces herself to be petted, sometimes she just runs away.   We did find out how to get her to eat, she received three meals today, the rest of us only had two.   We did have a first today, Ruby played with her first toy.   She likes it, but she drops it and backs away when another dog approaches.   Maybe that is why she found a hiding place, but she is not learning to socialize when she is in the brush. 
Ruby had three meals today.  Above, Sugar took over my couch to nap on, it is the only place dogs are allowed on furniture, and Sugar took it.    Life is not fair.

Someone asked about how many fosters we have had so far, Sugar is number 48.   Can you imagine having 48 different foster's here since the start of this blog?    What should we do when we reach the magic number of 50? 

Yes, if you get bored, you can go back through the blogs and count the fosters, except for three that we could not write about.  One was surrendered by a spouse to get revenge, we could not put her on the web till the dispute was settled, one was an abused dog that we thought might be needed for a court appearance.  One was turned in by someone we did not think even owned her.   They just stayed here till it was worked out, these explain some of the long silences we had on the blog.   48 Goldens and counting.  It has been a wonderful experience, a trip well worth the taking, memories worth  the keeping.    

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley, how did you finally get Ruby to eat? I'm sure with your guidance she will learn that all bi-peds aren't bad and will learn the wonder of the belly rub.

    You do great work.

  2. In time, love works its magikh!

    Patience is our furiend...humans need to learn that sometimes!


  3. Mogley, you are so kind and generous to share with so many fosters! We like Sugar--she is pretty with a little sad expression on her face. I haven't counted how many fosters we've had! It's a lot.

    love & wags,

  4. Well Mogley! You are most wonderful to be home for so many special furries. We so hope Ruby settles in, and can truly enjoy her humans and have lots of toys!!!! And, Sugar...hoping for a wonderful home for her too. Looks like she would be a super huggie pal.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  5. Hi Mogley, We know that Ruby will start feeling more comfortable and will come out to play more often.
    Sugar looks like a real sweetie and we know her right forever home is out there.
    48 Fosters, that is just great, just think of how many lives you have saved.
    We think that when you hot # 50 you should plant a tree and call it the "tree of Golden Love".

    Hamish & Sophie

  6. Hi Mogley - what a sweet generous doggie you are sharing your space with Ruby, Sugar and all the other rescues. My Apples was rescued when she was 10 1/2 years old - so I know the great feeling a bi-ped has when she helps a doggie in need. And now Apples is 15+ years old, and is a wonderful teacher for Golden Neeli.

    Hugs to you & yours,
    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  7. Mogley, how wonderful having 48 fosterlings throughout the years to play with. How wonderful having caring bi-ped to take them in and literally rescue them from death or even worth --a jailed existence. Have patience with Ruby, she is going to be alright with all the love around her. Sandy Paws, our Golden mix sister, was scared to death when she came to live with us. She had been a homeless dog for a long time till the Humane Society in Ozark got her, and we got her from there. Mommie had to put her food under the bed.
    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  8. Mogley,
    I just wanted to say "Thank You" to you and the bi-peds for doing such a great job....48 fosters that's amazing!
    Even though we are a Rottie house, I love reading all the wonderful stories of the GRRR.