Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ruby, an A+ student.

Ruby is here to learn how to be a dog.  As an alumni of a puppy mill, she did not have the opportunity to learn how to play and relate to other dogs.   Her visit here will last until she learns how to follow The Golden Way.   Based on her first day back, she may be gone before we even get used to her.    She is learning fast.   Her temporary home worked hard with her and it shows.  She is very different than she was when she came to us from the puppy mill.  

The resident bi-ped sent me this to include:  This morning when I blindly reached out to pet heads, they line up just when the alarm goes off, I patted Mogley, then Bella, then Daisy, then a head that felt different, it was Ruby. She saw the line of dogs waiting for their morning head pats and she fell in line and got her share of attention. She pushed her way in between Daisy and Abby. When she left here a week ago, that behavior was unthinkable. This morning she ate her breakfast in line with the pack. They line up for food, each sitting at his place. Ruby just joined the line. I set her bowl down and she ate. Always before she was afraid of food if another dog or a person was around, we had to feed her in her crate.  At the puppy mill, food always meant a fight over it would break out, so most mill dogs are afraid of food.  Our thanks go out to her temporary home, they spent a lot of time with her and they made very good progress in teaching her to look at bi-peds as friends. 

Ruby did find the water today, she will be a water dog for sure.   Keeping her dry will be a big task once the swimming pool opens.   Keeping her dry now is not easy.  She tried the little puddle of water on top of the pool cover, then she tried the fish pond.   In between times she chased the squirrel with Abby, although Abby was heads up watching the squirrel, Ruby was just following Abby and taking notes.   Ruby chased her first tennis ball today, she caught it, but then did not know she was supposed to return it.  Daisy picked it up and brought it back, but Ruby was not watching.  She is very afraid of treats, when it is treat time and we all sit in a row to get our snacks, she runs and hides.  She has not used the dog door yet, but it will only be a matter of time.  Abby and Daisy, you have more teaching to do, your work is not yet done.  

Yes, we know the photo of Ruby, below, is blurry.   You try to catch her and take a still photo of her!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Sounds like a normal dog to me!

  2. You don't know how happy this report makes us. It does sound as though the other folks really did a good job in trying to acclimate Ruby into a routine.
    She's a Golden so we know she will be a quick learner and having such wonderful teachers as Mogley, Bella, Daisy and Abby along with the wonderful biped, we just know this is going to be a very successful task one that is filled with love, and when all is said and done Ruby will be one fine Golden.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  3. Sounds like she's making lots of GRea proGRess!

    When she's ready fur Siberian skills, I'll be glad to help!


  4. I have to add that I adopted a 7 year old Dalmatian in 1993 who had been dumped on the street.

    He had been beaten by someone, because he disliked men and especially men in uniforms. He was skin and bones. He would jump through the screens in my windows when I left for work just to be with me. It took me two months to teach him I would be back, and when he figured that out, he never went through a window again.

    It took three years before I could trust him off leash around men. After that, I had no problems with him; he learned that no one would hurt him in our house or if I were around. He'd just lay on the couch and let anyone in. Buddy lived for 8 years with me before dying of old age. I miss him still.

    Sometimes, it just takes loads and loads of patience and love.

  5. A little time at Mogley's house does wonders, doesn't it? So very happy that Ruby is relaxing and learning to enjoy life now that she is safe and sound, surrounded by love.

  6. These posts are just making me happy! Thank you!

  7. Ruby, that must have been wonderful for you to be able to go back to a place that you knew. And with all those loving sisters and bi-peds you are going to learn to be a Golden in no time at all. Life will be good for you from now on, you'll see. Just don't miss the head-patting in the morning, you wouldn't want to do that :-)

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  8. Go Ruby & the rest of the gang!
    Nadine, Apples & Neeli

  9. You go Ruby. We love seeing the DOG come out!