Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

The one who is Paw Challenged is in a quandary.   His flag pole was bent over and broken in a huge wind last winter.   He used the remainder of the pole to put his weather station on, the whirling thing is on top along with the pointing thing.    They sure do catch a lot of wind up there.

But that leaves no place for the flag.  He has been looking for a new flag pole but does not have one yet, he wanted an extra strong one, but it has to be tall because he has a big flag.   So today he has to be content with a little flag on a pole over the garage.    He says that is not nearly big enough for all the memories.     The Thundering Herd has a good blog today, go visit them at

We heard from Ruby and Daisy.   We hope they will keep us informed.   Ruby is settling in and learning the new home.   Ruby is accepting lots of attention, and she is eating well.    She has found a new "safe place" and is ready to enjoy her new life.   We hope they get that wading pool set up soon, Ruby needs the challenge.  Daisy says that the dog to hand ratio is much better, she does not have to stand in line for attention.   All is well.

We have also heard from Star.   She is getting lots of attention.   She sends her best wishes to all of the Rescue dogs and friends.  She said she had some thunder anxiety when a big storm went by on the first night she was in her new home.   She did not feel comfortable yet, but her human helped her feel secure.   She is doing fine now. 

Here on the home front, the bi-ped is ready to open the swimming pool, it may get open today, he does need some help with the cover so we asked someone to stop by and help.   We peeked under the cover yesterday and the water was clear, cool but clear.    We are ready to go swimming and invite all of our friends over.  

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. If you need someone to test the swimming pool, please let us know! :) We are the bestest swimming pool testers in the world!

  2. Oh Mogley, what a beautiful ending to a very tragic story -- Ruby. We are so happy for all three of them, Ruby, Daisy and Star. You and Bella did a beautiful job to get them back into the main stream.

    Tell you bi-peds not to worry about the size of the flag, it's what in your heart.

    Lots of luck with your pool. Is your pool solar heated like the public pools in Germany?

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.

  3. So great to hear such good news on the alums. Hope they continue to settle in well to their new homes.

    Great news on the pool. Hope you got it open and are enjoying it as we type.

    And thanks for the blog mention. Was fun to put together.

  4. Let freedom ring from our mountain-tops to our valleys and from coast to coast. Let us NEVER forget the sacrifice of those who came before us, and those who serve now, so we may enjoy the freedoms of our beautiful country!

  5. What GReat news to see on a special holiday!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie