Saturday, May 15, 2010

Party Time!!!

Above, Star exploring our back yard before she goes on to her new foster home.

TWAPC  (Those Who Are Paw Challenged) announced that there was a busy day scheduled for Saturday.  Alexa, Mia (our cousins two fosters) and Daisy had meetings scheduled with possible new Forever Homes.   TWAPC left early with the three to take them shopping for a new home.   When they returned, only Daisy came home.   Daisy said that the 2 new homes being offered were not up to her standards,  she decided to let Alexa and Mia have these homes, she wanted to look around a little more.   Daisy said that if they had squirrels she would have suggested they meet Abby.   Abby can't go to the adoption center, she becomes terrified and acts up something awful.   When a family meets Abby's criteria they will have to come by here and meet her on her ground.   Her criteria includes a good supply of squirrels, an active Golden companion, and most important, a couch to sleep on at night instead of one of those hard dog beds.   Abby comes upstairs with all of us at night, but when the lights go out, Abby goes back downstairs and sleeps on the couch in the glass porch.   She says it is only because that is the best place to watch from and after all, we do need at least one watch dog.  Now that she mentions it, those dog beds are kind of thin and lumpy.   

It was a good day at the rescue, while we were there, two other Golden's were adopted, so four Goldens found new homes, and probably several more by the days end.   

When TWAPC returned, they had Star in the car with Daisy.   Star was on her way to our cousin's house since they were out of fosters, both Alexa and Mia were adopted out.   Star will try and keep them from getting lonely while she waits for her new Forever Home.  Star was surrendered to GRRR after her family was unable to afford the cost of treatment for her right rear leg.   She was a compulsive licker and had worn a hole in her fur as you can see in the photo.   With more action and excitement in her life and a few medications, she is on her way to recovery.   With a few household companions, she has no time or need to lick, she can run and play instead.  Our cousins house with Emma, Molly and Piper is a wild house, Star will have no time to worry her leg. 

Now on to the party!   Sunday we have our annual Spring Golden Retriever Picnic and Dog Romp.  It was rescheduled from several weeks ago when the snow blew back into town.  The weather forecast is for 70 and sunny, so we should have a good time running in the sun.  So heads up all of you Golden fans, there will be 100 Golden's playing in the paddock tomorrow.   If you don't belong to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, it is not too late to join.   Our cousins will be there with Star, as well as Emma, Molly and Piper, we (Bella and I) will take Abby and Daisy along as well.  Best of all, it is a Taco picnic.    Remember how I told you that TWAPC ones can not eat tacos at a picnic without spilling?    It should be a fun and yummy picnic!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Abby has khwite a GReat plan!

    I think it is working fur her furry well!

    Khongrats to the lukhky humans selekhted this weekend!

    AND have fun on Sunday!


  2. 100 puppies!!! OH MY!
    Get lots of pictures like last time!!

  3. Mogley & Bella, have fun at the party with all those other 100 Goldens. It is very nice of you and the TWAPC to take Abby and Daisy along too. The weather forecast sounds good and the taco menu even better. And "YEAH" for Alexa and Mia for finding their forever home.

    Mommie is sending a big hug to you, Mogley and Bella, through Valerie. And we want pictures.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  4. What huge Golden party. Can not wait to see pictures.

  5. We can't wait to see lots of pictures!


  6. Hey Guys, great job on finding the forever homes.
    Hope you have an awesome time at your picnic today.
    Give Auntie Val a big kiss.

    Love & Licks,

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie