Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dogs in motion.

We just overheard TWAPC (Those Who Are Paw Challenged) making a date for someone to come see Daisy.   Star is going to drop by for a visit as she is also in consideration for the one opening for a forever home.  Sugar may be by as well.  The home sounds like a good one, a retired person is looking for a companion to keep her company.   Low to medium activity level, with lots of attention.   Daisy is ready for a home where she does not have to compete for attention with four other Golden heads.   Because of a low fence, most of the larger and more active Golden's would be at risk for wandering when left alone, a 3 foot fence would not even slow Abby up.    I could clear it without raising my feet off the ground.    So the search is limited to older, mellow dogs.   We will keep you informed.  

Last evening TWAPC was called on to help with a transport.   Two 8 year old male Golden's, Spirit and Freedom,  had be picked up on our side of town and taken to their temporary rescue home near Golden.     Freedom had learned to dig and escape, and Spirit was willing to follow.  They had been rescued from a very busy street where their lives were at risk.   Because they lived on a busy street and they had no way to block access to the long fence (community covenants, etc.), Spirit and Freedom had to be taken to rescue.   They had tried to block access and fill holes, but it is a losing battle once a determined Golden learns a new trick.  It is very sad to have to remove wonderful dogs from their home,  the humans are sad, and we are sad.   Tears are always part of a surrender of two loved friends.  The chauffeur said that the two of them rode quietly in the back of the SUV, curling up together to keep each other company.  Spirit and Freedom will be fostered in a home with a strong fence. 

We will hope for someone who is home all day to keep them occupied, otherwise they may need to be confined when left alone.   You know the old saying, "Idle Paws are the Devils Playground".   These two have been together all their lives and they would love to stay together.    If you have room in your heart and home, give these two well mannered boys a chance.   GRRR needs a foster home and a Forever Home for these two beautiful Golden red boys.    Take it from us, they are sweethearts. 

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Paws khrossed fur all of the khanines in need!

    I so understand the idle paws from what I read of Siberian 'tales'

    Khyra Khousin Merdie

  2. We hope the meeting for Daisy & Star goes well and a forever home comes out of it.
    We are keeping our paws crossed that a good foster home and forever home are in the future for Spirit & Freedom and that they can be adopted together.
    Hamish & Sophie

  3. Fingers crossed for Daisy and Star, and I wish there was a way to fix the covenants so the others could be with their humans. So sad!

  4. I hope that everyone finds just the right home and that the foster homes are willing to hold out so that Spirit and Freedom can be adopted together-- it breaks my heart when siblings have to be separated!

  5. I can't imagine giving up a family member like that. I'm sure their hearts are breaking!!

  6. It would break my heart to have to give up Sam and Monty.