Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rescued Ruby, and her rescue story!

I hope everyone will help us welcome Ruby to the pack.   Ruby arrived yesterday, Tuesday, afternoon.   She is about 1 year old, 30-35 pounds, and very scared.   She is one of the puppy mill dogs that Golden Retriever Puppy Mill Rescue Team (GRPMRT) bought at auction.   Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies stepped in to provide transportation and new homes for many of the Goldens.    We were feeling left out, our cousins picked up two fosters on Sunday, they were supposed to drop one by here, but they kept them both.   Now they have five Goldens, just like we do.  They have Alexa (not the same as Alexis we placed in a new home on Saturday) and Mia, we have Daisy, Abby and Ruby.   Our task is to turn Ruby into a happy, healthy, obedient Golden that we can place in a Forever Home.   You see, this little lady deserves a second chance in life and we are in charge of giving her that chance!

 If you ever wondered if  your donations to dog rescue groups are worthwhile,  take a look at Ruby, this is her story.   Some people disapprove of buying puppy mill dogs under any circumstances, even to liberate them.   If you want to help give puppy mill dogs a new life, donate to GRPMRT, help fund them and other breed rescue groups that are in the front lines of the battle to save these poor dogs.  Several people from their group attended a "going out of business" auction of puppy mill Goldens and 100 other dogs.   Other puppy mill operators were trying to buy at a bargain to increase their own breeding population, but the rescue groups were there to stop them.   Then shortly after this auction, another auction came up and 16 goldens were auctioned.  Many of the dogs, of all breeds, were purchased at a low price, but the rescue groups ran out of money and many of the dogs went back to another cage with another breeder.  For the want of a donation, a dog was lost, or in this case, many dogs were lost, back to the life that no animal deserves.
Grab a fresh handkerchief, then go to this link to start:

Then go to this link to see some photos of just some of the dogs that were rescued:

Then go to this link to see how these dogs were sold:

Ruby was one of the lucky ones, she was a young breeding female, she had already had at least one litter of puppies,  she was purchased away from the puppy mill operators and turned over to GRRR to start a new life.  She made a stop by our vet to get a check up and to be spayed.   Now she will be staying with us while she adjusts to a new life.  She was so scared and timid when she arrived yesterday that it was hard to get a picture, she kept hiding under things and behind things.  Her tail was curled all the way under, a sign of fear.   She was scared of every new noise and she was scared of other dogs.  She even had food fear, food had been thrown at her, or she had to fight other dogs to get it, so she was afraid of food.   We had to put her in a room by herself before she would eat, even then she was not sure it was safe.   We can't give her treats, she runs from them so she won't be  attacked.  Everyone, human and dogs, are careful to give her special attention to help her settle in.   We unpacked the crate, she was more comfortable in it with the door open than she was running loose. 
Above, Ruby checks out the view from the front porch, safely hiding behind me.  After a night of sleeping in her crate in the bedroom, surrounded by all four of us Golden's, she has learned that we are friends and not a threat.   This morning the tail is out a little more and she is following us around and learning from us.   Abby and I are her trainers.   She follows the two of us around constantly.   Bella is playing her Alpha Female role, being intimidating, Daisy plays by growling and barking, which is very frightening to Ruby.   Ruby likes the petting from the resident bi-peds, but she is also scared of them.   She has the classic hand fear, which seems to be typical of puppy mill alumni.  She has found a second safe place under some willow bushes and quaking aspen trees where she can hide in the back yard.

Above, Ruby and Bella get acquainted.   Enjoy our photos, we will have more about Ruby and her past in the next blog.  We will try and get her to "Tails Up" before we post her on the adoption web site.   She still has to learn to trust people and other dogs before she can move on.   It will be a few weeks for Ruby to become a happy and loving Golden.    Take a moment to remember those dogs of all breeds that won't ever have a happy home, they will live their life in a cage, producing puppies until they are no longer useful, then.......   Support your specialty breed rescue, help break the cycle.

The Golden Retriever Puppy Mill Rescue Team (GRPMRT) has a web site where you can learn more about them and make a donation to change a dogs life.  Go to:
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. We know you will do good by Ruby and she is lucky to be staying with you.

  2. I hate breeders. I hate puppy mills. I don't understand why it's still legal.

    Ruby, you are in good hands. You are safe. Be happy, as I know you will be soon.

  3. I don't understand how the law allows puppy mills! Thank goodness for you, GRRR and others like you - bless your heart!

    Wags and Kisses,

  4. My tail is up fur all of woo!

    I know woo will share all the GReat things her beaWOOtiful Golden Girl self has to look furward to!

    We khan't wait to see her blossom with your guidance!


  5. We are sending all our love to Ruby, and all our blessing to the ones that rescued the Goldens from going to the puppy mills. Mogley, thank you for letting us know. Our mommie is crying, and we know she is going to do something to help.

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver

  6. This really broke my heart. Poor Ruby. I can't believe they sell the dogs in auction - this is actually the first time I've heard about it. Please hug Ruby for us, if she will let you, and tell her she has a lot of friends out there!


  7. We received this e-mail from the Mommie of the Baumgaertner wild horde. "I can't believe that puppy mills are still in existence, let alone be legal. All this time I thought one by one the breeders are getting out of this business, but as I can see more are coming up. How can we band together and get the puppy mills shut down? Tell me and I will help with anything except money. I have four dogs and also sponsor one dog for GRIN. Oh, did I mention that I am 75 years old and still working?"
    E-mail from the Florida Panhandle

  8. Oh Mogley, she is so little :( Breaks my heart to hear how afraid she is. We love you and your humans for all that you do, and for bringing happy days to Miss Ruby.

  9. Hello Mogley, Ruby is such a sweet little doggie - God bless you & your people for helping with rescuing Goldens. Big hugs to all of you. Oh, our person just sent in a contribution to the puppy mill rescue group!

    Wet licks from rescue doggie Apples & golden Neeli and our human Nadine