Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Fling and Dog Romp!

TWAPW (Those Who Are Paw Challenged), did not call it a Dog Romp, that is my term.  They called it a Spring Fling, Cinco De Mayo party.  That is why we had a best decorated sombrero contest and tacos for lunch.    It was only 70 degrees, but I still got hot, that is why I am in the wading pool. 

Yes, those are horses behind the fence, we all got to go sniff the horses, some of the more impolite visitors even barked at them.   Since the horses were letting us use their field for the day, it was very bad manners to bark at the hosts.
Anywhere there is a field, there is soft dirt and easy digging, who knows where they buried that pot of gold?   There is a rule you know, white dogs always have to dig in the mud.  

Below, the line up of winners for the best decorated sombrero contest.   Yes, that is our very own Abby on the left with the green scarf on.   Abby and Mary took 4th place in the contest.  The green scarf said "Adopt Me".   Abby was to busy to stop and talk to any possible new families, she had tennis balls to fetch.   There were people who were designated to spend the day throwing tennis balls to keep us out of the food tent, Abby was not going to waste an opportunity like that!   Tennis balls everywhere.
The party was so much fun that even people that don't have Golden Retrievers will be adopting one so they can attend our next event!  One person said they were going to spray paint their Dalmatian so they can attend the party next time.   As you can see, we did have some "Honorary Golden Retrievers" in attendance.    Two Basset Hounds attended and won the contest for "Best Low Rider".   Thanks a lot to the volunteers that put the event together and a double thanks to our hosts who donated their pasture for us to tear up.  

We measure a good time by how tired we are, all four of us slept all the way home, we slept the rest of the afternoon, and after dinner we went to sleep again until this morning.   It was a very good party!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. I would like to be an Honorary Golden Retriever anytime you have food to give away. Thank you!

  2. I khan be the rogue misbehavin' Golden that has to be kept on a leash!


  3. Wow - that is a seriously big party. Looks like lots of fun.

  4. Wow Mogley, that looked like a very fun day...digging, tennis balls, swimming, wonder you were all worn out!

  5. Oh Mogley, that are beautiful pictures. We also got to see some pictures that auntie Valerie took, you and Bella look so dashing with your bi-ped. As we understand it Abby out fetched all the tennis ball competition, even Charm. There must have been lots of tired Goldens that night

    Thank you for the pictures!

    Earnhardt, Lady(senior), Sandy Paws and Oliver.