Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dogs have feelings too!

Now that Sandy and Abby are in their new Forever Home, we can tell a little more about them. They were the product of a broken home. A family went through a divorce, they all hurt and they all had to start a new life. When the husband brought in Sandy and Abby to voluntarily surrender them, tears flowed. Losing Sandy and Abby was bad, the feeling that they were being abandoned was devastating. Both to the family and to the two dogs. Sandy was 11 and one family was all she had ever known. They asked that Sandy and Abby remain together and be adopted as a pair, at least they would still have each other.

It is so much better if the family says goodbye at home and the dogs are surrendered in a friendly atmosphere. Mary recounts surrenders where the crying became so bad that the dogs were frightened of these new people that took them away.

Dogs have feelings too! Our feelings are very real, we sense emotions better than humans do, we understand what is unspoken, we feel what is hidden. Many people forget, their thoughts are on their own loss, they focus on their own feelings. The dogs are torn from their family and go to a new place filled with fear and apprehension, frightened of these new people that tore them away from their happy home. Frightened because of the emotions they feel, frightened from the tears and sorrow they see in their family.

Today when we arrived at the rescue to turn over Sandy and Abby we let them lose to run and greet these new people, two Golden's making friends with two humans, on their own terms, joyfully greeting new people and looking for a new future. Sandy and Abby went as friends going on to a new adventure in life, with no fear and no apprehension. Willingly and joyfully entering a new world and a new life.

Giving up a dog that has been a loved member of your family is never easy, but you can make the best of it, for both yourselves and for your dogs.

Remember this before you drive me down to the city pound and drop me. Remember this before you push me out along some country road. Remember this before you take me to the vet to be put to sleep.

Remember this, Dogs have feelings too!

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. What a great post, so sad to hear when owners are giving up the pups. I know when my mom is sad and I cuddle her til she falls asleep or walk a little slower to be by her side. Thank you for doing what you do for these pups.

  2. Our brother Chance, who has gone to The Rainbow Bridge, was s rescue from a divorce situation. Our dad says that it was a complicated situation but he was glad that he had the opportunity to take Channce out of the situation he found himself in. No matter the circumstances, dogs don't deserve to be abandoned any more than children do. Sometimes dogs actually get fought over for custody, but that's not good either. It was a very good thing that youse guys did for Sandy and Bella. Don't forget to read the fantastic Bumpass Blog this Monday; we need your vote.
    - TBH

  3. That is really excellent advice Mogley. You are such a thoughtful dog! I'm so glad the girls found their forever homes.

  4. What an excellent post. I am so happy for Sandy and Abby. They sound like they have a wonderful new home with very loving and thoughtful humans. Thank you so much for all of the love and wisdom that goes into fostering and placing into new homes. One thing about goldens, because they have such a loving nature, they learn to adapt easily with good parents.

  5. Dear Mogley, You are providing such a great service, both by what your "peeps" do and by educating us right here on your blog. I can only imagine how awful it must be to have to surrender one's dog(s). How sad, but thank you for helping us know how to make it a better situation for the doggie(s).
    With thanks and Hugs, xo

  6. Youse guys gotta remember to read our blog today (Monday); it is very important to us that you promise.
    - TBH

  7. Great news about Abby and Sandy!!
    A sweet post, about an unfortunate situation.
    Sounds like they have a GREAT outdoor area to play in, and ride on SNOWMOBILES! Wow wee!
    Honey (13 yo golden)

  8. This is an excellent post Mogley. We wish more people understood this concept. We wish that less people were so cruel and heartless to dogs and other animals...

    Benson and Gibson