Friday, March 6, 2009

Rescue Report

Sandy and Abby were getting anxious, they have been here almost a month as foster friends and still they have not been adopted into a forever home. I may have found out why. I opened an e-mail from Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) and boy did they have news. Last week GRRR took in 10 dogs, on top of the 30 or so that are normally in the foster system. GRRR is in need of volunteers who can provide foster homes and forever homes for more Golden friends. With each new dog there is a special and often very sad story, as the economy sinks, the stories get worse.

This fall GRRR had a rescue from the Animal Protection Services. Here is what GRRR wrote this week:
"Remember Brodie, the senior Golden who was given sleeping pills by his owner and then dumped in a field outside of Pueblo? Well the owner who did this horrible stuff was fined $500 today after he plead guilty to misdemeanor animal abuse. It's not a lot, but it's something. He was informed that if anything ever happens like this again he'll be facing felony charges. Brodie, I know you are being spoiled rotten in your new home now, but sleep well, knowing that he was punished for what he did to you, and by some miracle you lived through that, found your way to GRRR and are living a wonderful life now."

Next was a report from GRRR on a special rescue.
"We had two very special girls come into GRRR 3 weeks ago, Tessa and Tori. They were only 6 weeks old when they arrived at GRRR. These small precious little bundles of fur were welcomed into their Foster home to be loved and cared for until they find that special family to love them forever. What makes them so special? They were born blind. One of those ... I'm struggling to find a word that isn't too horrible... backyard breeders… to put it nicely couldn't sell them, so he contacted one of our volunteers who had taken a blind puppy from the last litter he had to sell a year ago. Last year's little blind girl was taken in at 4 weeks to the vet to be euthanized. He said, "They are too little to shoot." Not kidding, that is what this horrible man said when he took her in to have her euthanized. The vet refused because she was not sick and told him he knew someone would love that little puppy. Our volunteer begged him to keep the puppy with the mom and others until she was older. But "No" was his response, he'd already sold the pups and they had been away from mom for some time. I was so mad when I heard this and spent a good part of the night trying to find out if there was a law against selling pups before the age of 8 weeks. But no, there is no such law in South Dakota.

Several volunteers pitched in and drove these two girls from North Dakota to Denver. Tessa and Tori went into a loving foster home, and one of them has been adopted out already. The other is doing well with several older house mates to help out. These young ladys have their own "seeing eye dogs" to help them find their way.

If that is not enough, this was the next message:
"A volunteer emailed me on Sunday night about a girl in Gallup NM who needed help. The rescues in NM were full or didn't have resources to care for her. Oh, and by the way, they think she's pregnant. A few emails and a few calls and I am hoping that this girl will find her way to Colorado on Thursday. One volunteer is ready to jump in his car and go get her from Gallup and bring her to Albuquerque. The rest of the trip is still pending, but we are hoping for Thursday. I hope she keeps her legs crossed if she's close to delivering pups. The shelter she is in doesn't vaccinate, so that opens up a big can of worms when it comes to parvo, etc. So she will need to be transported without the company of another dog(s) as a precaution for everyone."

That is only the first few stories on GRRR rescues. I will post more tomorrow on several other rescues. Meanwhile, we need volunteers to provide foster homes and forever homes. If you don't have room in your home, you can donate to our rescue efforts by going to the link on the left of my blog and click on "Donate to Rescue Here!

Remember, no matter where you live, there is a rescue near you that needs help!

The economy is bad for people and for dogs, my chauffeur and chef says that dog food is now almost $40.00 per bag, that is almost $280 in Dog dollars at the current exchange rate.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. We know there are so many sad stories and so many horrible humans! But thankfully there are some good ones and they rescue and/or foster.

  2. Mogley, you and your people are doing God's work. What horrible stories, and you used terrific restraint in what you called the "backyard breeder" Is he too little to shoot? We are glad there are good people like you out there.

    Tucker and Daisy.

  3. My mom gets 50 lbs. of Hill's Science diet for $17 because she is a rescue. Could you all do that? I hope you get the mommy dog--we understand parvo. It's terrible, my mom cries for days when a rescue puppy dies even if we've only had them a few days--all are precious and worth crying for! I always snuggle and comfort her and she says it really helps. She says bless you for your hard work. If we were close we would foster goldens--we have Brinx who is half golden and if no one adopts him we will keep him.

    love & wags,

  4. Hey Mogley,
    There sure are a lot of creepy people in the world. All of us Bumpass hounds know about how blind dogs get along; just read about our late brother Gordon. he was a full fledged pack member, in fact, he was our elder and we respected him. we still miss him very much. His blindness didn't "handicap" him at all. Maybe some of the stimulus money that's going to research hog smell would have been better spent distributed to spay and neuter homeless animals or for free spay/neuter clinics for low income pet owners. Nah, it's more important to study water rats in San francisco bay and other "worthwhile' "special projects' like that.
    - TBH