Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Forever Home

We just received word that this coming Saturday morning we have an appointment to take Sandy and Abby to meet a prospective adopter. They have read all of our blogs about Sandy and Abby and they have talked with the rescue about them.

Sandy and Abby are very excited, they have their bags packed already. Abby packed her favorite toy, she will unpack in in just a few hours when she decides it is play time or when she just wants to run around the house with it in her mouth. Sandy likes tennis balls, but she does not have a favorite one, her favorite one is whichever one is thrown for her.

Sandy wants to remind her prospective family that she would like a very thick dog bed, she likes to lie without her bones poking the ground. There will have to be one bed near the human's bed, another one in the family room so she can have a comfortable afternoon nap. Sandy takes about seven naps a day. She says she is not lazy or tired, she just needs to be prepared to go to sleep at night and she is afraid she will get out of practice.

Sandy and Abby like having access to a dog door, but they also are let out first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, plus several times during the day, just so they keep on schedule. They are used to getting a glucosamine treat twice a day, and they get a peanut butter treat twice a day when I get my pills. A finger of peanut butter to lick also helps that morning "dog breath" that we sometimes wake up with. Abby likes to chew on something, a stuffed toy, a big rag toy or a rope toy will keep her busy.

We are all excited that Sandy and Abby will have a forever home, but we Will be sad to see them leave. They have become treasured members of the family and they will be missed a lot. Sandy had a song written about her, "There are only three things worth a solitary dime, Old dogs and Children, and watermelon wine". They were thinking of Sandy and Abby when they talked about the joy of old dogs, they are wonderful, well behaved ladies.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Mogley, Bella and chaufeur.
    We will keep all 36 of our paws crossed (figuratively) that the adoption works out IF the family is deserving of such ladies as Abby and Sandy. We trust that the rescue will choose wisely. We realise that it will be tough to part with them but then you'll be able to accomodate another needy foster dog. Youse guys are very special rescuers in our book.
    - TBH

  2. I am so excited that they may have a forever home. Make sure to be on your best behavior and puppy eyes are the key. Good luck. =)

  3. We're happy for Sandy and Abby. We hope they are welcomed into a forever home where all their needs are met, including love.

  4. When I read the title,"Forever Home" I hate to admit my first response was sadness. Then I realized it is of course, the best for them as it will allow more fosters for Mogley and Bella to foster. But I know that Mogley and Bella and their Humans take the very best care of their fosters and I am always a little hesitant to let them go. Selfish I supose,but always just a little non trusting of others until they prove they are worthy of providing a good home. I can only imagine how hard it is for your humans to let Sandy and Abby go.I hope all works out well

  5. Oh we are so happy for Sandy and Abby. We know you will miss them Mogley but they will hopefully be on to forever homes and more happy times! You have taught them well!

    Benson and Gibson

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