Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waste a wash?

Above, taken last March, five goldens play in the spring run off at the 12 mile park. Mogley, Bella, Emma, Piper and Molly get muddy in preparation for a bath.

I need your help. This weekend the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) is holding a dog wash and bake sale. When we go down to the big park, our chauffeur/cook will not let us play in the river unless it is time for our bath. Most days he says that he does not have time to give us a bath so he will not let us play in the mud.

He is planning on attending the dog wash/bake sale, now all the pack has to do is convince him that it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good bath on a clean dog. After all, doesn't he want his money's worth?

Help me convince him that we need to spend some quality time at the river before going to the dog wash. Send him a comment, tell him we need to get real muddy before we go to the fund raiser.
.A clean dog is a waste of a bath!
.Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Oh, the ONLY way it is fair to give dogs a bath is if you've just done something fun with them (hike, dogpark, etc.). It's only fair! Mom wanted to take us to the GRRR bath but she had already made previous plans for Saturday, several months ago. :( We wanted to go -- Riley was hoping to fatten himself back up with some stolen treats! Hope you have a GREAT time and GRRR gets lots of $$$!!

    Riley and River

  2. Mogley's right - if a bath is *needed* that's one thing, but a bath of a CLEAN doggy??! That's just not right.

    ~Dolby & Murphy (Mo's 2 hounds)

  3. You should most definitely be able to play in the mud first. You need to get those people to work for their tips and what better way than a muddy golden. I hope you get to play in the mud =)

  4. Gee. We thought everyone in Colorado was a "greenie." What "greenie' worth his salt (we think that's an old Navy expression) would waste clean water giving a dog that isn't dirty a bath.
    1. If you don't get dirty you don't need a bath.
    2. If you don't need a bath it's a wasteful use of water to get a bath.
    3. If you don't waste water you don't get a bath.
    4. If you don't get a bath the GRR doesn't earn the donation.
    5. If GRR doesn't earn the donation they don't have as much moola as they could.
    6. If GRR doesn't have as much moola they can't help as many needy dogs.
    7. If GRR can't help as many needy dogs it's the fault of whomever would not allow dogs to get dirty in the first place so that you actually need a bath.

    So, find a picture of a soulful homeless Golden Rtriever and stick it up on the wall with a banner that says: "I'm destitute and homeless because Mogley, Bella, Sandy and Abby weren't allowed to play and get dirty." Good luck.

    - TBH

  5. I say jump in the mud and roach around over and over. That way GRRR will make lots of money.

    love & wags,

  6. A bath is most definitely needed for a "dirty" dog. What sense does it make to give a clean dog a bath??? Isn`t the whole purpose of a bath to clean "muddy" dogs??? Humans can be so dumb sometimes...

  7. A bath is most definitely needed only for "dirty" dogs. What sense is there in giving a clean dog a bath??? Humans can be so dumb sometimes...

  8. We think you should definitely be able to play in the mud Mogley! What fun!

    Benson and Gibson

  9. We sure hope you got your muddy romp before the bath last Saturday.