Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Follow Up

Sandy and Abby are in their new homes. We have received daily e-mails reporting on their activities. We expect that once Sandy has settled in she might even be writing her own blog.

Their new parents say that they love them very much. Since both of the humans work, a neighbor comes by several times a day to let the lady's outside. The neighbor has fallen for them too.

They have lots of toys, lots of treats, soft beds to sleep on and a big yard to run in. They get lots of attention and lots of love. We are so happy that they are loved enough that the humans will take the time to update us.

The goal was to take in a pair of homeless lady's and find them new homes.

Mission Accomplished.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. This was a very special thing you've done. We're happy for all of you! Especially Sandy and Abby.

  2. And that was a job well, well done! Those girls sound sooooo happy - how I felt when I got my new home too - Know the feeling - you are wonderful, Mogley!
    Hugs and xo,

  3. Mission accomplished, indeed!!! I am so happy to hear that Sandy and Abby are well loved and well taken care of in their new home. Thank you for updating all of us, also.

  4. Job well done. I do hope they start a blog too, that would be fun to see them with their new family.