Monday, March 30, 2009

World, Meet Sassy!

We have a new foster friend. Sassy arrived from the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) today. Her room mate Marlo was transported with her, but Marlo was dropped by another foster family where she could get more attention. As you can see from the pictures Sassy is tired from her journey so she had to have a nap. Like all good Retrievers, a duck helps her to sleep.
We don't know much about her yet, but we do know that she is a wonderful girl already. She was hardly in the door when she grabbed a toy and offered to play with me. Most foster dogs take a week or more before they are ready to play. The first few days they are still lost and looking for a friend. They Velcro themselves to the nearest human's leg and stay there till they feel more comfortable in the home. Not Sassy! At 4 years of age, she is still a playgirl. She is underfoot as much as she can be. She needs the comfort of a kind word and a lot of petting. Treats help too. Bella and I get to share in the extra attention since we are all working together to make her feel at home.

Her room mate, Marlo is only 7 months old. We dropped Marlo by for Kris to foster, Marlo will be in her forever home very shortly, Kris has a list of people looking for a beautiful younger lady. When we delivered Marlo Kris was on the phone talking to a potential home already.

We will give you more of their story later, now it is time to let Sassy have a nap. We will find out how well trained she is, work with her a little so that we can tell potential homes what she is like. We will watch to see is she is in good health, she has already been to the vet and received her health check. She has a clean bill of health except that we need to clean her ears and she has some coat medications. When she came in to the rescue she had some hot spots on her coat, since both of them had it we suspect it was caused by some of the cheap super market dog foods. Cheap foods often do not have balanced nutrition and can cause coat problems as well as gas problems. Sassy sits very well and she is pretty quiet.
Tomorrow we will begin the search for her forever home. Stay tuned to follow our search and help Sassy find her perfect forever home.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Heya Mogley, Bella and Sassy,
    Hello from dark and cool beautiful downtown Bumpass, VA. Welcome to the blogosphere, and we don't mean Illinois. Sassy, you are with the top notch crew of Colorado rescue. You are fortunate to have been placed with the best of the best. Mogley and Bella will show you the ropes, make you welcome so that you can be yourself, and most of all, they'll find you a fabulous forever home. That's what they do. and they do it well. You guys are top drawer, whatever that means.
    - TBH

  2. What a beautiful pair of dogs. They will undoubtedly find homes very quickly. But meanwhile, they each have a great foster home.

  3. Sassy, I love my duck too. I'm glad you were lucky enough to end up at Mogley's house! Best wishes in finding your forever home...