Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Rewards!

This morning we drove Sandy and Abby over to meet their new Forever Home. It was a wonderful meeting, Sandy and Abby were delighted with their new family. Their new home is out of town so they have room to run. There is a mountain home that they can go to in the summer and run in the streams, in the winter they can ride on the snowmobiles. The people know all about dogs, they brought treats and toys to prove that they will take good care of their new friends.

Below, I have a brand new toy lamb, it squeaks loud.

They brought Bella and I a bag of toys and treats as a reward for taking care of Sandy and Abby. Bella and I have agreed to share the toys and the treats as we both took care of Sandy and Abby. We were sad to see our friends go, but we know they have a wonderful home and they will have a wonderful new life. We made the people promise to bring Sandy and Abby back to our Golden Retriever of the Rockies Reunion Picnics and our party's. That way we can connect with them again.
Don't you just love it when a story has a happy ending? This one ends.... Sandy and Abby lived happily ever after.
For GRRR it was a good day already, four dogs adopted before noon, and three more likely for the afternoon. On Friday we had three more come in, and on Sunday we will be taking in four more. GRRR is on track to hit over 400 adoptions in 2009. Thanks to all of the people who help make a dogs life a little better. There were people there to walk and play with the new arrivals until they could be placed in foster homes. They had their photos taken and updated their resumes for the adoption page, everyone wanted to look their best for the on line dog dating service.

Thanks to our volunteers, you make life better for dogs that are under stress and feeling lonely. When we wag our tails and lick your hand, its because we know you are trying hard to make our lives better. We appreciate all the attention you give us.

Remember that you too can volunteer to help a dog. Drivers can transport, walkers can excercise, foster homes can love and nurture until the perfect Forever Home can be found. There is a rescue near you that needs you.
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. So happy for the girls to go together. Sounds like they found a great forever home. and they gave you goodies, what could be better. =)

  2. Mogley & Bella,
    Thank you both for being such good foster siblings for Sandy and Abby. We know youse gotta have mixed feelings about them leaving your place for their new furever home. We send you a Bravo-Zulu; that's Navy talk for Well Done. It was achallenge to find a home for TWO older dogs that shouldn't be seperated. Y'all didn't give up and make things easier by splitting the two girls up; that might well have been devastatiing to them. We are proud to know rescuers of your caliber. Good on ya.
    - The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties

  3. Abby and Sandy's people might think that the squeaky lamb and other toys are your reward ,but youse guys and us know better. The toys are fun to play with and nice to have but they are not THE REWARD. The reward is that feeling you have in your heart from knowing that the girls have found their happy furever home; that's THE REWARD.
    - TBH