Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Swimming with the fishes.

Things did not go as planned. We planned on getting to run and play in the mud, then go to the GRRR dog wash and bake sale. It did not work out as planned. Humans, they can be so difficult at times.

First it was cold Saturday morning and the chauffeur decided it was too cold to go run in the frozen river. Then he worried about having four wet, muddy, happy dogs in the car, he said he had just cleaned it and he did not want us getting it muddy. Then we noticed that the dog wash was sold out, there was no time available for us late comers.

We did get to go to the bake sale. They sold human and dog treats there, so all was not lost. Sandy and Abby were able to sniff hello to the lady that transported and kept them for several days when they first entered rescue. There were many other rescue dogs to get acquainted with.

Sandy felt bad that she did not get to run in the water. She jumped into the koi pond today, she came out dripping and smelling great. The humans did not like her giving herself her own bath, they gave her one and now she smells like lilac water or such.

We have been promised a run in the river soon if the weather stays warm. Now we know that Sandy can swim and she is a water dog as well.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. We're sorry you didn't get to ghingly cold river. Sounds like Sandy is doing pretty good though. Did she eat any fish? have you checked out Spencer's blog to see what his humans are doing now; you'll never guess who's living with them.

  2. We are chomping at the bit over here to go swimming Mogley so we know how you feel! We cannot wait for springtime, it cant come soon enough!

    Thanks for the linkies!

    Benson and Gibson