Saturday, March 7, 2009

The sound of seven dogs playing?

Above, seven Golden Retrievers, a family reunion and extended play date.

Life is wonderful today. My cousins, Emma, Molly and Piper are here for about 10 days. Their family went on a trip so we get to have an extended play date. What is the sound of seven dogs playing? We don't know what it sounds like, but you can hear it from a mile away! The inventory is me, Mogley, 2 years old, Bella, 3, Sandy, 11, Abby, 6, Emma, 7, Molly and Piper, both 2.

I always enjoy having Molly and Piper here, we play all day long. Emma is not into playing, she is into relaxing, so she gets along very well with Sandy and Abby. Sandy surprised us all by rough housing with us for a while, then running laps around the yard with us. We still do not believe that Sandy is realy 11 years old, we think they made a mistake. Bella is the queen of the house, so she plays a little, then takes up her position as the head of the pack and watches us from her cushion.
Above and Below, we gather for treat time. I have my back to the camera, I am telling the others to sit so we can get our treats.
The downside to having my cousins visit is that they will tear all of my toys up. When it is treat time no one gets a treat unless everyone is sitting. Sometimes it takes several minutes before we can all calm down at once.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hey mogley,
    Just run the video clip on our recent RELEASE THE HOUNDS post and you can hear what 7 dogs playing sounds like. The seven retrievers here also have to sit to get treats, but since we are so well practiced the time to get butts on the ground is measured in seconds, not minute. First butt down varies all the time but one constanet is that Jack is always last butt down. All you need is two goofies newfies to make your yard look like our yard. We hope that you all have a pleasant 10 day play dad. Hide some of you better toys for the duration of the visit or ask the people to put some away in a closet.
    - TBH

  2. Oh my! It's hard enough for my peeps to get me alone to sit for a picture, much less imagining 7! I wish I was there to play with you all, but we live so far away! But treats... well that I can relate to! Maybe I could get seven pals to sit for a picture with a reward like that!

  3. wow what a group. Wish I could have been there to make a great eight. =)

  4. Oh Man! Now that's a family that know how to party!