Sunday, November 16, 2008

A broken Squirrel

Molly does not understand the rules of the game. We call it "chasing squirrels", not catching squirrels. She ran after a squirrel and caught it. Then she broke it. By the time the humans had reached her, the squirrel was beyond repair. They thought they could take it to the vets office, but it was too late. They yelled a lot at her, they even called her "Bad Dog". They had to chase Molly to catch her, she was not going to give up her treasure willingly. They did take a picture before they took it away from her.
How do you repair a squirrel? Molly does not understand the seriousness of what she did. We have one less squirrel to chase. Luckily there are dozens of them, but we have to be more careful. winter is coming and squirrels have a rough life during the snow and cold season. The humans even put squirrel food out where we can not get to it. Someone will complain that I put a picture of a dead squirrel up on my blog. I look on it as a display of nature's law of "Survival of the Fittest".

Molly said, " When I came face to face with the squirrel I knew it was him or me. It was a fight to the death!"

We are genuinely sorry that we hurt one of our play mates. Still, catching one should qualify us for a spot in the Golden Retriever Hall of Fame. Millions of dogs chase squirrels every day, how many actually catch one? If Molly does win a spot in the Hall of Fame for catching a squirrel, she has promised to nominate me for an "assist". I am the one that kept the squirrel from going to the closest tree, forcing it to run to the further tree where Molly was waiting.

Summer is still waiting for her Forever Home. No one has asked to meet her to give her a forever home. She wants to look her best, so she wants to be brushed regularly. She wants to go for walks so she can lose weight. She is feeling badly, she says it may have something to do with her age. She thinks people do not understand how wonderful older Golden's are.

If you want to help Summer find her home, go to and see many wonderful Golden's, and other breeds, that need homes.

Mogley G. Retirever


  1. My mom would not admit it on my blog but we have broken a few squirrels, too, even possums and quite a few mice. It's sad but it is what animals do sometimes. We hope Summer will find a new home for the holidays!

    love & wags,

  2. NO WAY!!!! WOW! We can't believe Molly actually caught one! We are so jealous. Wait til we tell our friend Rusty over at his blog, he will be so happy for you too!

    Boy we sure wish we could take Summer but our father says no more pets (plus we live in Ohio). She seems like a big old sweetheart who just wants some love.

    Benson and Gibson

  3. Don't worry Molly! That little buy might have alredy been broken before you got to him. As you know you are not supposed to catch them just chase them. Maybe it was his time to finally be caught. I know you may feel like a bad dog but you were just doing what dogs do!

  4. That's Manny being manny and this was Molly being Molly. It's a culling of the gene pool by Mother Nature. Usually if a squirrel gets caught it's already a little broken or a lot stupid. We have 7 dreys in our immediate fence line trees that can be easily seen now that the trees are undressing. Sophie, our new foster girl, chased one last week but the sqauireel didn't even have to run too fast to scamper up a tree. Sophie is a "BIG" girl and dad says she needs to loose about 65 lbs; she doesn't run as much as she waddles fast. Hec, the cats break mouses sometimes and even try to break fat robins in the spring. They leave the eagles alone though
    - TBH