Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Electric Fence

Molly is back with us. Molly is one of my cousin dogs, she lives with the humans daughter and son-in-law. The three dogs, Emma, Piper and Molly stayed with us while they were moving. Their new house is in a golf course community which does not allow fences, instead it offered miles and miles of open space. We thought that sounded great until we learned they were going to put in an underground fence with electric shock collars. No Way! That sounds terribly barbaric.

The electric fence system lasted about two weeks. Emma, Piper and Molly learned the boundaries very quickly. The problem seems to be that the bunny rabbits in the neighborhood do not respect the underground fence. They go running across the lawn, right under our noses. Ask yourself how a self respecting Golden Retriever can allow a bunny rabbit to run across the yard un-challenged?

Molly promptly escorted the rabbits out of the yard, at a high rate of speed. She could not stop in time for the electric fence, she went right through it, getting shocked, but still chasing the bunny. It took several hours to find her, there was nothing but open space for miles in each direction. After several long evenings were spent looking for Molly, they decided she should return to a place with a fence. Emma and Piper were able to contain themselves and stay in the yard, they just chase the Bunny's to the edge of the lawn and then stop. What makes it even worse is when Molly gets outside of the fence, then she gets shocked when she tries to come home on her own.

What to do now is the question? Until they can figure out a way to keep Molly under control and in the back yard, she will stay with us. It is all right with me, Molly and I run, play and wrestle all day long. Molly does miss her family, she enjoyed Emma and Piper. Until an answer can be found we are having a good time. The bad side of this story is that the bunny's have won for now.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Woof Mogley and Molly and Bella!

    You are so lucky to be back together to run and play! Got to say, no way an electric fence would stop me, a proud Golden, from making sure that squirrels, kitties, and other possible invaders keep their distance. Or that friendly dogs and humans get a proper Golden greeting.

    Humans and their silly ideas. . .

    Have tons of fun!!


  2. Heya Mogley,
    That's a BIG problem with those "invisible" fences. In our old neighborhood where fences were allowed in the back of house, the people up the street had an invisible fence with three really cool Basset Hounds. Unfortunately, out in the country we had frequent power failures cuz the power line ran in close to the trees and wind would cause shorts and power failures. The poor Bassets used to wander outside the fence all the time when the power was out and then the power would come back on and the poor guys couldn't get back in the yard. It was very confusing for them. We trust that the situation with Molly will work out OK.
    - TBH

  3. HAHA - the bunnies have won for now. Thats funny!!!

    We hope you have fun with Molly while she's back! We have heard of other families in our neighborhood who have that same problem with electric fences and dogs chasing squirrels and getting past the fence. Unfortunately no one has a really good answer to the problem...

    Benson and Gibson